Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

*waiting in a silent prayer*

And so completes my run with Christmas Celebration 2015.
It was both a coming home celebration as well as therapy for me as an artist and human being.

I began my performance interest here at Evangel Cathedral at 8 years old after seeing the play just a year before. My mom leaned over to me while I had dazzle still welting up in my eyes and asked, "do you want to do that next year?", I nodded my head yes. My eye never parted from the stage.

While in Pure Expressions, one of the number of dance ministries that belonged to my church, I found myself learning the foundational movements of Ballet doing pirouette turns on carpet floor, discovering that somehow I could do the splits naturally and that I had a high jumping hip that wouldn't quit when it came to playing the role of Diana Ross in Jesus Loves the Little Children.

STOP. Jesus Loves You.
my Jesus Loves You.
think it oh ohverrrrr
think it oh ohverrrr

Throughout the years I continued to grow with the Christmas Celebration every year until I was old enough to part ways with the children and take on the title: Young Adult/Special Dancer. There were  a number of profound directors whose vision and professionalism drew me closer to my own passion will to dance.

Now, here I am. I've joined the canon of featured dancers for such roles as Mary's Prophetic Angel. It is truly is a blessing and honor to see myself in the mirror, knowing that once upon a time I dreamed of being that person I am today. It moves me deeply. It causes me to draw closer to my current dreams and operate in a spirit of excellence.

I am happy to know that I also moved others with my dancing. That's all I care about. Everything else, well-if I am a necessary factor in the world of inspiration then everything else will come together so that my mission will be complete.

Thank you to Elisa Batts, Eudora Ballet for choreographing this year so that I could support you.
Thank you Ms. Vernada for being a fighter and a BADASS costume designer.
Thank you Alysha for coming home and dancing with me, your energy is bananas.
Thank you Brother Allen for being a father to me, taking me into your arms and rocking me with love.
Thank you my Bishop Don who deserves far more credit than is given, for your vision that never falters, for your tenacity that inspires us as a church and for your White Privilege that gets us the perks we so enjoy! Ha!

Love ya.