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the birth of a Thing called, 45* Degrees

We completed our 7 day journey with a presentation of works conceived during 45*Degrees. Led by Elana Anderson, she is a Voice that gave Voices from within the collective--myself included.  Here is the letter I sent to her after the performance.  YES, I felt a telepathic chemistry between the two of us in studio and outside the studio. I was grateful to have had it because often times in a creative setting we become so narrow-minded that we don't allow others in. And the truth is I am in need of the collective eyes, ears and hearts when working [as a collective]. We all do.  I have to say that you helped me regain power and permission to be myself in the presence of others. This means, that it isn't always going to be pleasant, or inviting or stable--but above it's REAL. I was having this conversation with another woman about how people just aren't REAL these days, you don't know who they are because they aren't committed to being themselves. As a youn

Third Day 45 DEGREES

It's Wednesday. The third day of 45 Degrees Workshop with Deeply Rooted. I've developed a crush on Gary, founder of the company's, front teeth gap. It's bold and unapologetic. My favorite characteristics in beauty. Collectively we've reach a point where the work is beginning to come alive in us. Sandy's Piece entitled "Everyday" is a celebration of Life piece. Nicole's Piece entitled ".........." is about our Spirit Guides, Angels watching over us on the life journey. Shea is bringing back her Piece set on me to Fix Me Jesus. IT's been a challenging finding myself in the ovement again. I was told the performance in Resurgens brought many people to tears. I've been trying to match that as I cried watching the rehearsal video myself. It came to my recollection that this work is indeed my life, my testimony and cannot be performed in the same way. I continue in the struggle against pain my skull and neck area, it's finding


Today was Day One of Deeply Rooted's Workshop 45 DEGREES. I am so excited to be in this community of dance, I truly believe that each and every dancer has something to offer as movers, as humans and as vessels of the Spirit. The elders are among us. That is especially unique. They bring their stories, their wisdom, their truth. It is reverential to see them standing in those instances where the youth, having the energy, strength and fortitude to take the work head on in physical embodiment, are on the ground. The schedule read: Emerging Artists (youth) & Seasoned Artists Me, being who I am at this time in my life assumed that the Emerging Artists were that of the Young Choreographers, Dancers who were seeking to premiere work while the Seasoned Artist would be learning Deeply Rooted Repertory...Menn Ca, clear this up for me telling me that I was meant to be amongst the Emerging Artists. It felt good to be vulnerable amongst these people. It felt good to simply be honest