Health is a Must but who can we Trust?


Today was Day One of Deeply Rooted's Workshop 45 DEGREES.

I am so excited to be in this community of dance, I truly believe that each and every dancer has something to offer as movers, as humans and as vessels of the Spirit. The elders are among us. That is especially unique. They bring their stories, their wisdom, their truth. It is reverential to see them standing in those instances where the youth, having the energy, strength and fortitude to take the work head on in physical embodiment, are on the ground.

The schedule read: Emerging Artists (youth) & Seasoned Artists
Me, being who I am at this time in my life assumed that the Emerging Artists were that of the Young Choreographers, Dancers who were seeking to premiere work while the Seasoned Artist would be learning Deeply Rooted Repertory...Menn Ca, clear this up for me telling me that I was meant to be amongst the Emerging Artists.

It felt good to be vulnerable amongst these people. It felt good to simply be honest with myself and share that with Menn Ca that I was unsure, knowing that he would willing extend himself to me. Something as simply as this brings happiness in this time of my life where I feel shame for my weaknesses, afraid to share these insecurities for fear of judgement, or overcome by my limitations altogether. I am thankful for to Kevin Iega for bringing me in to this moment. I am thankful to finally have the opportunity to build relationship with Elena Anderson, a woman who've I've adored for so long.

I am called to perform my solo FIX ME Jesus. This solo everyone loves. It will go a long way and will become a part of my personal repertoire as an Independent Artist. It has served me it my gravest point of physical struggle and ailment. I am eager to see how the solo will transform now that my body has removed a layers (or taken on more, I'm not sure honestly).

Overall, I am excited for this journey. Dance always comes in when I feel that I'm losing all hope. I often judge myself and find myself racing against the world. But with Dance, I become myself. So I guess, I'm saying that I'm excited to realize myself against, in this form. It will take building, patience, trust, nurturing, labor and lots and lots of breathingggggggggg.