Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

the birth of a Thing called, 45* Degrees

We completed our 7 day journey with a presentation of works conceived during 45*Degrees.

Led by Elana Anderson, she is a Voice that gave Voices from within the collective--myself included. 
Here is the letter I sent to her after the performance. 

YES, I felt a telepathic chemistry between the two of us in studio and outside the studio. I was grateful to have had it because often times in a creative setting we become so narrow-minded that we don't allow others in. And the truth is I am in need of the collective eyes, ears and hearts when working [as a collective]. We all do. 

I have to say that you helped me regain power and permission to be myself in the presence of others. This means, that it isn't always going to be pleasant, or inviting or stable--but above it's REAL. I was having this conversation with another woman about how people just aren't REAL these days, you don't know who they are because they aren't committed to being themselves. As a young woman, who appears to be much less aged and experienced than she truly is, it is a task to assert myself in the presence of people. Behind my smile I am in pain, I do have an opinion, I am animated and unapologetic--but above all respectful. As are you. 

I have to also say Elana, that YOU handled yourself with Grace during thee orchestration of 45 Degrees. YOU set the space just right for an outpour of vulnerability during circle/conversation time from Day One. The gift, this baby, 45 Degrees was a Blessing to us all whether we understand the extent of it or not. I still feel the power and the presence of moments made in the studio. 

Thank You
I Love You
I am With You