Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Third Day 45 DEGREES

It's Wednesday. The third day of 45 Degrees Workshop with Deeply Rooted.

I've developed a crush on Gary, founder of the company's, front teeth gap. It's bold and unapologetic. My favorite characteristics in beauty.

Collectively we've reach a point where the work is beginning to come alive in us.
Sandy's Piece entitled "Everyday" is a celebration of Life piece.
Nicole's Piece entitled ".........." is about our Spirit Guides, Angels watching over us on the life journey.
Shea is bringing back her Piece set on me to Fix Me Jesus. IT's been a challenging finding myself in the ovement again. I was told the performance in Resurgens brought many people to tears. I've been trying to match that as I cried watching the rehearsal video myself. It came to my recollection that this work is indeed my life, my testimony and cannot be performed in the same way. I continue in the struggle against pain my skull and neck area, it's finding the balance between my new found strength and the weakness that remains so that my story may translate.

Today, I shared a poem referencing The MASK.
Notably in the Black Community we've conformed to hiding our true selves from one another, sometimes even to ourselves. Our facial expressions tell the world we are without suffering and yet, as the poem declares "the clay becomes vile" unbearable.

I'm glad. I did.