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about last night, into the morning.

As I breech adulthood, preparing a table before myself to feast on this thing called life, I'm constantly reminded that as a Believer and Woman of God I cannot do it all on my own. Psalms 23 says that The Lord would prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies... My enemies are fear, doubt, worry, confusion and defeat. My highest hope is that the Lord would keep fulfill that promise according to his word. The contradiction that stands in the gap of my faith is simply a question. What am I to do in all of this? While in a time of standing still, listening to the quiet voice, and being led by the Spirit, the Me that exists in the physical world meets the eyes of others (and myself) turns away in shame. Unable to make sense of my position, I struggle most to accept the place of vulnerability where not even I have a hint of where I'm going in Life. On a positive note: I've reached a place of acceptance of the things that I am for certain... I AM an artist. I