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So What is Gyrokinesis®?

So What is Gyrokinesis®?

  • Gyrokinesis® is rehabilitation therapy in motion.
  • A unique movement technique Gyrokinesis® strengthens, energizes and restores the body.
  • It is a total-body conditioning and balancing system that encourages the spine and joints to stay open and strong.
  • Throughout the session participants will focus on the main components of breath, blood flow and ease to increase mobility in areas of tension and/or strain.

The basis of a Gyrokinesis® class consist of three (3) parts:
A stool portion, seated
A floor portion, kneeling, lying down on the back
A standing portion

gklogopurple.jpegGyrokinesis® is a successfully proven technique that’s designed to help a broad range of clients, from the super-athlete to the physically impaired or disabled person.

Founder & Creator of the Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® Method is Juliu Horvath.

Take a look at this clip with Certified Instructor, Diane Israel to learn more...