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Fifth Line Assignment

I've recovered one of my college papers during the first semester of encountering GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®...

The fifth line is an essential feeling to be aware of during [Ballet] class. This feeling opposition can be discovered during certain combination during the barre. For me finding the fifth line is most clearly felt during relevés and required balancing on one or two feet.

In the process of rising to both feet, I would engage my center immediately while naturally discovering the feeling opposition with the space above and below me. That same opposing energy is required to lower both feet back onto the surface-the upper body grows taller and expands upward as the heels return. The feeling of the fifth line can also be discovered when weight is transferred from one foot to another during a balance because the sense of reaching down and out through the toes is necessary to successfully remain suspended. The opposite side of the body reachers up and out depending on the position of the body. For example, during an attitude turn the feel of the fifth line is engaged throughout the entirety  of the turn in order to effectively maintain the suspension on the one foot and also the feeling of opposition between the turning side and extended side. Energy is transferred rapidly during degagés or grande battements when the understanding of the fifth line is involved. The standing foot should be reaching down and out through the metatarsals in order to transfer energetic information to the foot/leg that is working. 

The fifth line energy point is one of the principal concepts in the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique.
I learning more each time I go into practice with this material. 
There is a wealth of information that is to be discovered and applied to daily life basis movement to the extremes of dancing and performing.