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at Elements Wellness Center

Introduction to GYROKINESIS® Workshop held at the Elements Center Wellness & Fitness in Glover Park, Washington DC.

It was a first for BeeBodi© Founder, Kayla Harley as an Apprentice Instructor.
The evening brought a numbers in those who were finishing off a work week in the heart of the city, freelancers, retirees and other fitness/wellness enthusiasts. A total of 6 participants.

Each class participant came in with different needs that catered to their lifestyle and day-to-day activities. Rose, a retired senior and golfer had a "swayed back" from overuse of rotation in the lumbar spine with accompanying inward rotated knees. As she began to become more familiar with the concepts of GYROKINESIS® *lengthening energetically, by the activating the fifth line from the soles of the feet, thru the body, up and out of the top of the head* habits in her body began to change subtly, simply by bringing awareness to them.

There were two participants who were familiar with GYROKINESIS® and come in to further their understanding and gain new information from the prospective of this young-comer (Kayla).

One participant, Lauren said, "I feel taller" after the first portion of the workshop seated on the stools.

During the break there was an vibrance in the room. Workshop attendees spoke amongst themselves, shared laughter and readily returned back into the space to continue.

Although the workshop was a of a group setting, the instructor made sure to give individual attention, feedback and hands on cuing to each participant.

The workshop was a success. Workshop attendees spoke highly of their experience and walked away having learned something they'd not known before.

The instructor, is grateful for the experience and for the opportunity to have shared her journey of becoming a Certified GYROKINESIS® Trainer with such willing and supportive movers.

Photography by Renee Colbert

Full Video See Here:

GYROKINESIS® Exercise Technique from Kayla Naturale'Bee on Vimeo.