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The Tale of Two Feet: The Art of Travel

The Tale of Two Feet follows the journey of an Artist, who is willing to take risks to sustain a vision that has been set before her. 

It is a story, one of adventure, intrigue, devastation, insight and humanity. This story is narrated by the Artist who have found glory in her walk through life time and time again. It celebrates the empowering reality of the journey traveled alone. Whether by foot, by car, by train, by plane, by bus, or by way of another human being--she carries herself across lands, worlds, dimensions even full of wonder and promise. 

I often hear the question "When are you going to buy a car?"

It has not crossed my mind to purchase a vehicle although I am a licensed driver in two states.

I don't think drivers like me on the road much. I tend to cruise, taking in the sights and sounds as I go. I don't race to red lights like most people and I'm never in a hurry to find the perfect parking space. 

Drivers must wonder, "Well, where is she from?" or "To where is she going?".

If I had it my way I'd be going nowhere in particular.
I guess thats why a bus driver called me Alice in Wonderland that day.
My stop had arrived, I was aware of it but with some much time left before the wheels came to a full halt, I decided to wait it out in my chair.

Considering the amount of money it cost to maintain a vehicle aside from gas and insurance. My mind chooses my feet every time. 
Considering the fact that I almost didn't get out of bed to turn the light off before going into my REM cycle, I couldn't imagine the plight of getting up to move a car before street cleaning. 
And considering humbling it is to rely on public transportation, I am force to value time and manage it according to the priority of my affairs--an essential know-how in Life. 

Don't get me wrong. Public Transportation can be daunting as well. You never know who you're sitting next to... What food they've cooked before leaving the house, the smell lingering on their clothing. What cologne or perfume you may be forced to inhale, hypnotizing or nauseating you. What creatures may be festering in their bags waiting to take a giant LEAP!

Nevertheless it has served its purpose and been a blessing to me and my journeys. In fact, I've been blessed the convenience residing up the street from, around the corner from or over top of a bus stop and or train station with every move in every city of my choosing. The Creator has thought of me and extended to me generously the opportunity to move about freely will little to no hassle. I am grateful.

With my two feet, I dictate when where how long how far...
With my two feet, I take in the fullness of my experience as a traveller making my experiences memorable and special.
With my two feet I accustom my body to the power and strength necessary for the art of travel. 

Please enjoy one of the many luxuries I have as a solo traveler to prepare my body for the day as I ride the train!!!