Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Spreading the WORD

GYROKINESIS® is making its way around the community, my goal as movement practitioner- to spread the wealth of knowledge in this technique in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area is becoming more of a reality.

Saturday November 18th, GYROKINESIS® made an appearance at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Health Fair. Although it was a chilly day, there were various sponsors and vendors offering their free services: health, dental and vision screenings outdoors to the congregation and community participants.

Many of those passing by inquired about GYROKINESIS® with issues concerning areas like their back, neck, shoulders and knees - simply sat in a chair and begin to move. At first, there were reservations because of the chilliness but they soon found that surprisingly moving through the various sequence of exercises began to warm their bodies and steer their focus away from the elements. Participants were guided with verbal and neural cues while honing in on the breath and bringing awareness to their present of being.

Eagle, Side Arch Stretch, Halo and Harvesting are just a few exercises participants moved through  targeting upper body tension in shoulders and neck. Abled bodies taking on life's responsibilities and hardship walked away from GYROKINESIS® "feeling to be more energized open."

 Participant Shown Above: GYROKINESIS® "Wrestling"

A Special Thanks to Dr. Anu Esuola for extending the invitation to GYROKINESIS® Apprentice Practitioner, Kayla Harley.