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A Celebration of DC Legends

It was a night of honoring over 30 years of dance history in Washington DC, the legends, the teachings and the influence that put companies like Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Philidanco, Complexions, Reflections, Deep Rooted and many more into its found success of today.

Miya Hisaka, Artistic Director proudly present opening night for The DC Contemporary Dance Theatre/El Teatro de Danza Contemporanea at Dance Place, an internationally renown company who is dedicated to excellence in concert dance its diverse choreography. This seasons works by Kevin Iega Jeff, Lloyd Whitmore and Francisco Castillo among others this season especially honoring its mentors while celebrating Central American roots.

En La Hora Finale, Choreography: Francisco Castillo

The seasons theme question is: "Whose Legacy are you Carrying?".

Those who have found success within in their field all come from a dedicated, passionate, predecessors who've poured into their students and protege's their knowledge and experience in dance. Today we have many established dance companies, project works, schools and the like which  stand on the shoulders of giants who've cultivated movement into the codified techniques. These giants spent hours, weeks, years, if not decades perfecting and molding the styles that've been fused into what is known as "contemporary" today: the rise and fall of Isadora Duncan, the soul bearing contractions of Martha Graham, the precision and dexterity of Lester Horton, the flow and ease in jazz of Luigi, Fosse, Giordano Joel Hall, Jerome Robbins, the rooted and grounded movement of Katherine Dunham, and the heartfelt movement song of Jose LĂ®mon.

As I sat in the audience, I found myself journeying in time, through my own history as a DC raised dancer as well as the stages of the renown companies performing today. I saw the spirit of common folk thru the grace of trained dancers on stage. I encountered risk taking moments of daring descents to the floor, partnering and releases with the chest laying-out across the sky. I felt the camaraderie of movement bodies together and the freedom of dashing bodies across the floor to the enter and exit again. I was brought back to the days of my youth, captivated by the conduction Mickey Hart's earth sounds to songs like, "Bones" "Temple Caves" "and "UDU Chant".

In fact, the entire evening was a dance reunion of DC Dance culture, performance and history. I connected with a dancer from my days as a dancer under the instruction of Nakia Coley as well as a dance colleague from days at AAADT and former Ailey II dancer.

I am grateful to have made these connections and to have shared this night with some many inspirational figures in dance. I hope that the dance world will continue to thrive in passion, dedication and integrity as the years go forth.

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