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Day 5: Hump Day Part II

We made our way into the cotton woods for another photo shoot adventure--Bradford and I. The plan was for me to join in support and offer some advice and curation but somehow I found inspiration in the hay color thistles and dry bark. I had a moment, where I picked up a stick thicker than your average switch branch and began to whip another trees branch skinning the bark and exposing it's green inner flesh. I considered for a moment my actions to be cruel and unruly until I realized that like the flesh of a human'll grow back--mend itself again and for some time the moisture could stand to ooze out of the tree and absorb what bit of dew there was in the air. Brad and I had some special partnering moments, of weight bearing, lifting and sculpting. I just so happened to be wearing my Aunt Jemima scarf with a fro underneath because my hair is in transition from one braiding style to another loc style...and needed some time to breathe. Naturally it drew attention fr

Day 4: Keshet Makers Experience

This morning was a combination of ambition and ambush. I awoke early this morning to begin writing the one of my many books--this one entitled "A Broke Dancers Guide to Success". After the business course yesterday where we highlighted the financial terms and discussed the basic outline for budgeting I was compelled to start my business plan, sooner than later. In a sense my book is a guideline for budgeting (of time) financial management skills and the like. I decided that there was no better time then now in such a peaceful and restful place to begin my process of writing and silence the voices of doubt, fear and defeat of my efforts. My ambition funneled into the need to conduct other affairs related to my life: the logistics. That is also the beauty of having time and space availed to you as an artist in a residency program being able to choose how you'd like to disperse it: creation, curation, cultivation, or cocooning. I am now sitting in theater where each

Day 5: Keshet Makers Experience HUMP DAY

Today, I feel like dust. [Like Job] I began the day with the intent of GYROKINESISⓇ and suddenly forgot all about the sequences. So, I just moved. I realized that I didn't recognize myself or my body anymore....I'd told my body to do so many things imprinted codified techniques, terminology and repertoire but I didn't know where to start. I looked in the mirror and saw all of the appropriate identifiers: Woman, Black, Dancer, Afro....and so on....I decided I didn't want to take time a decipher what all of that meant. I had moments of frustration about moving in the familiar but thought of another Maker here and was inspired to break from those constricting places and keep twirling. Because that is what was happening....spinning around and around like Michael in Alonzo King LINES Ballet--trying to catch up to my own speed, thinking about how Lion King rejected me because I was too wild. Did, I tell you about my dream? I found myself on some sort of school bus with L

Day 3: SOCA DAY!!!!

It took me three solid days to plan my workshop class. I knew that I'd bring the sounds, the culture and the movement of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival but I wanted to make it more than fun--I wanted it to be informative, an experience just as if one were "truckin down de road" on the island themselves. The workshop began as a group huddled around the an authentic Carnival Costume designed by Stronjeh's Line "SHHH..." a Brooklyn-based Carnival costumer: to allow the dancers a chance to both visualize and experience the jewels, tassles, sequins, beads, glitter, gems --the intricate design and hand stitching of what is worn during the festival. While the glamour and flamboyancy of the costumes were there to emphasize vibrancy, sensuality and the scantness of the costume itself--there to project freedom in sexuality it dates back to slavery days where the Black Female body was appropriated, exploited and owned white slave drivers. Ca

Day 2 Keshet

...began with business course where we mapped the basic structure of a business plan. To my surprise my ideas for going forth as a business owner were more developed than I'd thought. I feel now, I have the confidence to move forward in drafting my ideas even just to give them a chance to breathe....I'll know later on whether they have the potential to fly--SOAR. In fact, this morning's inspiration began with devotionals; a speaker in the Christian faith mentioning the wilderness place where God's chosen people were called out of bondage (Egypt) but had not yet made the promise land. It was appropriate and relevant to the health struggles I face with my body and Neuralgia. After bowing my head, my knees, shedding a few tears and reading from the book of Psalms 127 I was able to push passed my feelings of defeat and go on to have successful morning.  The first movement class by one of my fellow Keshet Makers, Sara ...., lead a workshops on exploring the inner lan

Day 1: Keshet Makers Dance Experience

I return to then hotel, after having my first Acai Bowl from place called Zeus' Juice & Nutrition--did you know that there was such a thing as being a Fruititarian? Yup, there sure is, and I'm one of them. I felt this choice was following a Saturday morning ballet class with a group of 13 year old "bunhead ballerinas". I informed everyone including Sarah G., the instructor, that I was out of shape and hadn't taken a ballet class in...I don't even know how long it's been. But all went well, especially considering the fact that we are in 5,000+ feet height altitude in the mountains where Olympic trainers strategically come to prepare themselves for the big games. The great thing about being an independent artist is that, you (I, the person) get to call your own shots, allot time for leisure and pleasure just as much as work and choose when either most appropriate accordingly. I've been blogging for many years now and it brings me great pleasure t

The Miracle of GYROKINESIS®

A Special Thank You to Valerie for sharing her experience from my Saturday Morning Class + her personal journey of recovery. I had the pleasure of speaking with Valerie after class and she led me to her website which expound upon her experience so similar to my own. I am grateful to have met her. Visit her site to learn more: Photography by, Tazmin Smith I feel so lucky to have found Kayla and her GYROKINESIS® class at Elements Fitness & Wellness Center in Washington, DC. As a beginner in the transformative practice of GYROKINESIS® , I was especially reassured to meet Kayla.  I could tell right away that she had a level of expertise that was creating a safe space to learn and enjoy. She's an excellent teacher, knowledgable, a close observer of each individual student, and a delightful person! Even though I was a newbie, I could relax and have fun.  I came to GYROKINESIS® with a body that has been through the mill! I was born in 1955. I

Episode II: Gratitude

Here is the next level of my journey through movement and the method GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®. When I take time to be one with my body, I feel present--in control and in sync with the harmonious flow of Life. Tale of Two Feet, Episode II from Kayla Naturale'Bee on Vimeo .

Thank You Blast! Stay Tuned

Thank You to All of those in Support of the Webinar for Dancers! The event was a success and will continue to reach dance communities as the year progress. We hope to present this information again on a higher platform to an effort to engage dancers pursuing a career in the Dance Performance + Culture. If you missed the Webinar, Comment Below to receive a playback link to the video. If you are interested in hosting Kayla Harley as a Guest Speaker for your next event, opening, workshop: Book an appointment with us online at Schedulicity

Worksite Wellness

Are you interested in GYROKINESIS® ? Would also like to introduce it to friends, colleagues or co-workers? Does your worksite have a wellness program or fitness center? If so, contact us to day to see how we can brings a group class, workshop or private session to you! Email: As a Professional Movement Practitioner I’ve worked with various worksites including: Wellness & Fitness Centers, Community Recreation Sites, On-site Health Fairs, Office Locations and Nursing Homes teaching a specialized technique called GYROKINESIS®. If you are a company who has a wellness program set in place, I applaud you and propose GYROKINESIS® in addition to your facilities. If not, then earnestly implore to you to consider this proposal as a first step towards making a well worthy investment.

DC Based Artist Hosts: Webinar for Dancers

Click the Link Below and Register your Seat in the Webinar! " My decision to pursue a degree in Dance Studies, is one of the best decisions I've ever made in life. It's has taught me interdisciplinary skills, the important of community engagement, creative thinking and problem solving and social etiquette." One of the many reasons.... Join Me on January 20, 2018 for MORE! Kayla Harley--a Storyteller, Dancer, Choreographer, Writer, and Director is a native to the DC Metropolitan Area. Harley began her training at Suitland High School for the Visual/Performing Arts in Forestville, MD. While in highschool she received advanced training at the Kirov Academy of Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and Dance Theatre of Harlem Kennedy Center Residency. Harley attend the 2009 NFAA YoungArts Week as an exceptional d

Say Hello to Juliu!

The Founder & Master Teacher of the GYROTONIC® Expansion System, Juliu Horvath. We are wishing him well, as he recovers from a recent surgery. You're findings, dedication and works do not go unnoticed. We are grateful to have learned all that we have from you and are looking forward to a fantastic year of growth as students and teachers.