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Day 1: Keshet Makers Dance Experience

I return to then hotel, after having my first Acai Bowl from place called Zeus' Juice & Nutrition--did you know that there was such a thing as being a Fruititarian? Yup, there sure is, and I'm one of them.

I felt this choice was following a Saturday morning ballet class with a group of 13 year old "bunhead ballerinas". I informed everyone including Sarah G., the instructor, that I was out of shape and hadn't taken a ballet class in...I don't even know how long it's been. But all went well, especially considering the fact that we are in 5,000+ feet height altitude in the mountains where Olympic trainers strategically come to prepare themselves for the big games.

The great thing about being an independent artist is that, you (I, the person) get to call your own shots, allot time for leisure and pleasure just as much as work and choose when either most appropriate accordingly. I've been blogging for many years now and it brings me great pleasure to be able to record my research, recount my experiences and share them with them with the World.

The morning was a much needed business/arts management workshop on Building Strategies, Planning and Branding which helps me to put into perspective all the ideas I've been having lately. There was mention of the trend of Women supporting Women in business, as well as the demand in social media culture. I brought up the idea of Social Integrity...remaining to true to oneself and representing  accordingly without giving into the pressure of conformity, false identity and mis-management through social media apps. This could also be applied to one's social interaction in the world, as the popularity of technological social interactions increase, communication and personable skills in real life lose value, lack presence. Could one say that they are the same in person as displayed in social media? Perception based on still images can quickly turn into


I marvel at the interconnections of = LIFE.
I look up in my bathroom and see a structure of stones that look just like a place I took a picture with while hiking.
My tattoo, the Kokopelli has found it's officially community now that I'm in the Southwest where the image is projected all throughout Albuquerque...the Kokopelli derives from the Southwestern Native American culture; a fertility Goddess, storyteller, healer, dancer, flute player and mischievous character.
I acknowledge Keshet's logo colors: lavender, deep purple, plush purple and favorite color.
*next to yellow

In two hours I'm headed back to the studio to work on material for my workshop class: Soca Dance Party.

Meanwhile....I've began a book called "Dancing on my Grave" Gelsey Kirkland


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