Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Day 2 Keshet

...began with business course where we mapped the basic structure of a business plan. To my surprise my ideas for going forth as a business owner were more developed than I'd thought. I feel now, I have the confidence to move forward in drafting my ideas even just to give them a chance to breathe....I'll know later on whether they have the potential to fly--SOAR.

In fact, this morning's inspiration began with devotionals; a speaker in the Christian faith mentioning the wilderness place where God's chosen people were called out of bondage (Egypt) but had not yet made the promise land. It was appropriate and relevant to the health struggles I face with my body and Neuralgia. After bowing my head, my knees, shedding a few tears and reading from the book of Psalms 127 I was able to push passed my feelings of defeat and go on to have successful morning. 

The first movement class by one of my fellow Keshet Makers, Sara ...., lead a workshops on exploring the inner landscape of the body: playing with different textures, energies, intentions, taking inspiration from external inspiration, allow ourselves to receive stimuli from others. It was just what I needed to begin my day--having awaken with sore muscles and tightness. It simply felt good to move freely--allowing myself to take space and facilitate movement from a place of inhibition and acknowledgement rather than cultivation. The final task during the workshop was to move within the parameters of these 6 Archetypes: the Warrior, the Healer/Priestess, the Sage Being, the Destroyer, the Warrior, the Lover. 

My group was comprised of 4 women, myself, a mother of two and Artistic Director, a thick woman with a tattoo of the sun on her leg, and a fellow Maker is married. All these things I take into consideration when absorbing the movement qualities and attributes of a dancers. I found that I'm most comfortable with the Warrior archetype: she is agile, strong, dynamic, angular, purposeful, a defender.
From my experience with dealing with shame, anger, oppression, self-pity I also found the Destroyer a familiar place as well, this figure tears thru space, consuming everything around it and bombarded it's adversary with power and force. I struggled with the Lover--I realized that I could not recognize myself in that area, not only because I had not been dating or entrusting in anyone with my heart but that I didn't know how I interpreted by my energy in that area. It was because the other women in my group were still moving in space that I was able to reemerge into the task and move again. I studied these movements carefully so not to be suggestive or give myself away--I discovered that my intent behind this was the quality of a careful and thoughtful Lover....but from the outside it translates as Seduction. This is something I cannot help which validates the point of the exercise to express freedom of choice.

We resolved as a group and embraced the intimacy that had transpired during movement in exchange of words, hugs, laughter and reassurance.