Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Day 4: Keshet Makers Experience

This morning was a combination of ambition and ambush.
I awoke early this morning to begin writing the one of my many books--this one entitled "A Broke Dancers Guide to Success".

After the business course yesterday where we highlighted the financial terms and discussed the basic outline for budgeting I was compelled to start my business plan, sooner than later. In a sense my book is a guideline for budgeting (of time) financial management skills and the like. I decided that there was no better time then now in such a peaceful and restful place to begin my process of writing and silence the voices of doubt, fear and defeat of my efforts.

My ambition funneled into the need to conduct other affairs related to my life: the logistics.
That is also the beauty of having time and space availed to you as an artist in a residency program being able to choose how you'd like to disperse it: creation, curation, cultivation, or cocooning.

I am now sitting in theater where each of the Makers host their workshop class, to observe. I arrived late--dealing with something health needs pertaining to my skin. I thought back to a comment I made the other day to my mother about how she doesn't touch her children *embrace them, hug them, study them closely* Her rebuttal was about her inability to handle rejection. I then thought about the scripture that says how God (Spirit) will take over and be your parents when/if they forsake you: Psalms 27:10 I decided then, like so many times before that I would observe my own self even if it made me uncomfortable. And it did. The scars that I saw in the mirror drug me back to a place of sadness, resentment and interfered my thought processing as I prepared to leave the hotel.

Upon my arrival, I found the dancers preparing with breathing exercises, mirroring strategies and partnering work that led up until this point where the movement has developed into exertion, travel, speed and dynamic. Today's class is taught by Kaitlin--from Pittsburgh entitled " Creative Collaboration.

I returned after a food run break: 2 mushroom tacos with a delicious eerie pink sauce, fried onions + 1 tequila lime shrimp tacos and cup of blended fruit with bananas, cinnamon and honey top....
to find the dancers weight sharing and rolling on the floor with in contact improvisation. 

It turns out that a few other females were experiences retraction on this day as well. 
The little 9 year girl told her mom that she wasn't feeling well and one of the other participants was grieving her mom's death, she and I both choose the observation approach for the Masterclass.

It's amazing what movement can pull out of you. How deep it can really go into those vulnerable places in our lives where had not chosen to deal with or acknowledge, but it forces us to.