Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Day 5: Hump Day Part II

We made our way into the cotton woods for another photo shoot adventure--Bradford and I.
The plan was for me to join in support and offer some advice and curation but somehow I found inspiration in the hay color thistles and dry bark.

I had a moment, where I picked up a stick thicker than your average switch branch and began to whip another trees branch skinning the bark and exposing it's green inner flesh. I considered for a moment my actions to be cruel and unruly until I realized that like the flesh of a human'll grow back--mend itself again and for some time the moisture could stand to ooze out of the tree and absorb what bit of dew there was in the air.

Brad and I had some special partnering moments, of weight bearing, lifting and sculpting. I just so happened to be wearing my Aunt Jemima scarf with a fro underneath because my hair is in transition from one braiding style to another loc style...and needed some time to breathe. Naturally it drew attention from White onlookers marveling at centric flow that it was giving, when in reality it needed serious maintenance, hydration and a decent trim!

Ha. All is well. A full day ended with an ice pack on my face. For as much as I've been pronouncing my healing and deliverance from this dreadful facial pain. The reality of its still stands, at least for now. An opportunity to join the Board for the Trigeminal Nueralgia Facial Pain Association-YCP has arisen. I'm looking forward to this--speaking out for all those who may be living in silence and in shame.

Dinner was thanks to Ayurvedic Cuisine at "Annapurna" in downtown Albuquerque. It was light, nourishing vegetarian/vegan plate which was befitting for my life at this time. I am grateful.