Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Day 5: Keshet Makers Experience HUMP DAY

Today, I feel like dust. [Like Job]

I began the day with the intent of GYROKINESISⓇ and suddenly forgot all about the sequences. So, I just moved. I realized that I didn't recognize myself or my body anymore....I'd told my body to do so many things imprinted codified techniques, terminology and repertoire but I didn't know where to start. I looked in the mirror and saw all of the appropriate identifiers: Woman, Black, Dancer, Afro....and so on....I decided I didn't want to take time a decipher what all of that meant. I had moments of frustration about moving in the familiar but thought of another Maker here and was inspired to break from those constricting places and keep twirling. Because that is what was happening....spinning around and around like Michael in Alonzo King LINES Ballet--trying to catch up to my own speed, thinking about how Lion King rejected me because I was too wild.

Did, I tell you about my dream? I found myself on some sort of school bus with LIL Wayne as the driver...Special Real Special. What I've learned in facing my emotions these past days is that it doesn't matter the pain the hurt the bad experiences--we should never allow ourselves to be overcome by the state of Anger.

I look forward to this day and all that is to come. I'm most excited about the business classes, that fact that I'm being provided with free information within my field is a Blessing. I look forward to sitting down and taking the time to build my financial plans for the future. God is GOOD <3