Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

The Miracle of GYROKINESIS®

A Special Thank You to Valerie for sharing her experience from my Saturday Morning Class + her personal journey of recovery. I had the pleasure of speaking with Valerie after class and she led me to her website which expound upon her experience so similar to my own. I am grateful to have met her. Visit her site to learn more:

Photography by, Tazmin Smith

I feel so lucky to have found Kayla and her GYROKINESIS® class at Elements Fitness & Wellness Center in Washington, DC. As a beginner in the transformative practice of GYROKINESIS®, I was especially reassured to meet Kayla. 

I could tell right away that she had a level of expertise that was creating a safe space to learn and enjoy. She's an excellent teacher, knowledgable, a close observer of each individual student, and a delightful person! Even though I was a newbie, I could relax and have fun.

 I came to GYROKINESIS® with a body that has been through the mill! I was born in 1955. I was overweight for much of my life. In 2007 I joined a 12 step program for food addiction and, for the last 10 years, I've been 90 pounds down from my top weight. In 2011 I was a pedestrian struck by a drunk driver. My injuries included 36 fractures -- all ribs, pelvis, sacrum, 8 vertebral fractures -- a spinal cord injury, crushed lungs, 5 weeks on a ventilator, and lots of complications during 2 months in Shock Trauma and 2 months at National Rehabilitation Hospital.

I've been recovering ever since and I can say from experience that healing is infinite. We can keep getting better. GYROKINESIS® has taken my recovery to a deeper level. I was surprised to find myself feeling a bit weepy with certain movements. That told me there was power in the practice. Don't worry though. For most of the class I feel uplifted. I feel alive, awake, focused, happy, clear, and energized. In just a few classes, my range of motion has expanded. I feel stronger, more graceful and coordinated. My movement therapist tells me that she already sees a change in my shape -- narrowing hips and thighs. Hooray! I can't wait to see what happens next for me in Kayla's GYROKINESIS® classes!"