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Before there was Soca...there was Calypso

The sound, the energy, the life of the island of Trinidad and Tobago.....or any other land in the Caribbean is the PEOPLE.

Soca Music, a popular movement today by way of artists such as Machel Mantano, SuperBlue, Kes, Patrice Roberts and others derived from the sounds of Calypso....steel pan playing an instrument that is historically unique to the islands made from industrial waste: paint points, dustbins, oil drums, biscuit bins, car parts, and others.

To be a Calypsonian is to embrace the richness of life on the islands, tell stories amongst family and friends, recall events of the day, make jokes and carry on with people in the community.
After storming the band, dancing liming and feting with friends during Carnival the feathers began to weigh in on me. The sounds of popular songs played on the radio, the mention of Soca Kingdom and the familiarity of it all began to dull my excitement and enthusiasm. I felt like there was a part of that was missing, The Spirit of Carnival and the People is what mean the most to me. With the exception of a few elderly making their presence known in the crowd with matching outfits and costumes from time before...the majority you could find hangout on the front porch watching the Masquerading go by.

To remedy the situation I discovered the legendary Calypsonian figure "The Pretender".
A singer, performer, comedian, politician and proud Trinidadian.
He is the Fela Kuti, the James Brown, the Ray Charles, Pablo Neruda....of Trinidad & Tobago.
Take a look....


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