Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Putting the Work on Stage

 There are so many possibilities and today as I integrate the artwork.
I discovered during tech time new ways to interact with one of the posters that addresses girlhood, adolescence and the use of technology in an intimate space.
There are 3 poster boards that depict the social trending hashtag sites: Brown Girls Do Ballet, Travel Noire and Black Girls Rock of which will be focused on in this piece.

The story animates the still narratives of social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat exploring the moments that actually occur in real time.

A childhood Fable Story poses the question:
"Sugar and Spice and everything nice....that's what little Girls are made of..."
but, What is a Black Girl made of?

I've never read the book the Alchemist, popular literature that was a popular canon of work being passed around during my undergraduate college years. The word Alchemy simply means- the makings of of thing. It is my belief that Black Girl Magic is the combustion of our Essence, Culture, History and Spirit.

This is a story, a depiction, a mirror... I'm excited to present this in the presence of so many junior high school young dancers in the Keshet Arts environment. I'm curious to hear their reaction/response of the work because essentially I'm imitating them and yet bringing a different side of a Black Girl that they have yet to experience.

It was so refreshing to work with the lighting specialist Tim. His repertoire is an extensive one from coast to coast, Europe and back again and meanwhile he is so humble, open and accommodating.

The Makers family ended the day with a potluck dinner at Sarah's house. She welcomed us in to her special diet for Auto Immune Disease, that consists of nutrient filled foods which aid the joints and reduce inflammation. She made a delicious bone broth, butternut squash soup with batchoy, zucchini and chicken. Quality time spent ended the night with a game of Heads UP and warm farewell as we prepare for an early morning television debut.

Here is Sarah bestowing a special cup to me for ginger tea. Sarah, is another Woman Warrior. Although she has auto immune disease she has learned to manage her energy so as to continue dancing, teaching and performing. She services her community and is an mentor in the Movement for Mercy program at Keshet which provides an opportunity for those in the Juvenile Justice System to engage with dance and the arts. Sarah will be leaving us soon to join the PeaceCorp in Ecuador for two years continuing her initiative for outreach, education and engagement.