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YoungArts Week w/the GKBabe

I had a fantastic time in the city that never sleeps, the big apple....alright--okay New York City.

This time, instead of rushing to studios for auditions, clipping numbers to my leotard and hoping for the best I was mentoring the next generation of dancers, performers and young artists.

In 2009, I become a YoungArts Modern Dance Finalist winning the chance to travel to Miami, FL for workshop master classes with Sidra Bell and Larry Kegwin and perform my choreography "Serious Perplexions". At that time I had my eye on colleges for dance and was looking to rack up as many scholarships as I could and indeed I did go home with $750 prize with which I used to pay my housing deposit in full. So very proud of myself as a first generation college student learning and navigating my way around in the real world, pursuing further education and best of all doing what I love most....dancing. I had no idea the true impact that being a part of this prestigious Foundation would make on my life and career as an artist. I had always had my heart set on giving back by remaining in the community as much as I could and serving as an RA to support the excellence of these brilliant young people.

I had the pleasure of watching 3 Classical Indian dancers grow together as they collaborated with Jazz musicians. I was charmed by the loving, willing and passionate nature of the hiphop talent we had this year---a young man who is partial deaf but whose inner rhythm is that of a steady heart beat. And memories flood to my mind of movement discovery, GAGA, and dances with River North Dance Chicago as I watch the Contemporary Dancer move across stage. Truly it was a privilege to witness the evolution of these young artists and be a part of an important part of their growth as dancers.

Each morning, we began the day with GYROKINESIS®. For many of the dancers and participants (as we had a few other Young Arts winners join us) it was their first time. I was overwhelmed by the opportunity to introduce this life changing techniques their bodies and minds. There is so much within it that it's a challenge to condense the wealth of information into a half-hour block....they loved it. And most importantly they discovered that for EVERYONE.

I look forward to the opportunity to teach a Masterclass during in the incoming YoungArts weeks in future as an Alumn. I look forward to more opportunities to perform on their behalf- help spread the word about this great organization, collaborate with brilliant mind within our community in future and help build a network that can bring real transformation in the lives of those who need it most.

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