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I think Gil Scott Heron got it right when he said, "The Revolution will not be Televised".

This evening's performance was one not to be missed. As a dancer in the DC Metropolitan area, I have the pleasure of knowing a few of these great dancer's personally who graced the stage with their AfroDance Magic.... However, I got to see them in a new light-one that makes me to understand why they are such spectacular dancers. The energy was palpable from beginning to end, the story line was uniquely designed to educate the audience on the legacy, history, and presence of AfroDance the costumes were vibrant and attractive and of course the music was a non-stop party.

AfroTempo, a movement consisting of evening classes held in the Laurel area by Elizabeth Liadi--Dancer, Wife and Mother, brought dancers from various African Diaspora Nationalities together to showcase the various styles within this popular dance form: AfroModern, AfroBeat, Afro Hip Hop, Afro Latino, Afro Contemporary, Traditional African and more... The REVOLUTION took audiences behind the scenes for some of today's hottest sounds and trending dance moves to experience what life is like for the dancers. It was the community and the culture of African peoples that made this performance possible:

Costumes: CYA Accessories
Guest Dance Team: Les HOMMES

Sponsorship Support: Non- Profit Dream Nurture Foundation,

Congratulations to YOU All!
We Look forward to the ongoing Revolution of AfroDANCE.
Much respect is given to the performers especially who gave of their time and effort all who are: Active Community Members, Parents, Volunteers, Emerging Artists, Full-Time Professionals.

*Photographed w/my Redeemers Church of Christ Sister in Christ, Miracle