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Help US Keep Dance Alive

This Fall we are coming together as the Small World that we connect to our Greater Dance Community in the US Virgin Islands. After the devastation of Hurricane Irma in 2017, the course of civilians lives were changed, homes, business and roadways were destroyed and all that is left today is hope that the people have to carry on and the courage that it takes to start a new life.


The International Blacks in Dance Association received a call for help from Director of Music in Motion School of Higher Dance Education, Sharlita Schuster: requesting organizations to contribute to their efforts to restore and rebuild what was lost from the disaster. 

We as a community, in the DC Metropolitan area are responding to that call by being of service and giving all that we can. We have asked of nearby dance schools, studios and companies to collect  New and New Condition Dance Wear to prepare for shipment by Sept 12, 2018. We are also putting together a Fundraiser Performance Evening October 6, 2018 from 7-9 pm where which the community can help support our efforts to send these packages out by the end of the month. International Shipping can be costly so we will need the financial support to make this all possible. 

Stay TUNED for details!

If you would like to be involved please reach out to Kayla Harley:
If you'd like to donate dance attire reach out.
If you like to make monetary donation to the costs of shipping please send funds to:

It is also a fine opportunity to discuss the direction of which we as a people are headed. Many if not all of us, People of Color are a part of the African Diaspora--we take ourselves vacation to the islands every now and then cruising or experiencing the resort life but we have little time to actually get to know the cultural and it's people. Our children are inquisitive about life, identity and the world around them so it is important that we expose them to the larger scope of our Black heritage, lineage and cultural identity. In fact, the dance style that we know take root within the African Diaspora-- what better way to connect that from it's places of origin by informing and involving them with our sister as brother across the sea. If they so choose, the generation may think of a future in studying dance dance abroad, volunteering as a humanitarian, teaching in another country, becoming a tour guide, owning a time or real estate or doing International business. This movement "Keep Dance Alive" will strengthen our ties as community while building and shaping the Global Network of Blacks in Dance.

Thank You for taking the time to read through this important message.
I hope that you will join us in this movement to Keep Dance Alive!


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