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theGKBabe is in Session: with Mommies

Expectant Mother, Dancer, Reiki Naturalista, and Certified Notary-- Ms. Beverly Hunter came in for her first experience with GYROKINESIS® with theGKBabe.

She was greeted with the sounds of Native American Flute and a smile as she filled out her intake form at the Elements Wellness Center Studio. Now in her final trimester of pregnancy she is finally coming to glacial pace whereas she can prepare to deliver her first child. She comes with a good report of have already having strength, endurance and a pain-free preganancy course taking part in such as activities as Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and regular walking. Now, with her encounter with Kayla she can take things a step further using GYROKINESIS® to facilitate movement that releases tension in her hips and shoulder and upper back areas. 

Beverly is taking the natural birth approach in hospital. While she has the support of loved ones and family members she will need to be in full control of her breathing to find stability during the time of labor. Labor can take anywhere from a few minutes to up to a few hours. Expectant mother's will need to remain calm, steady and feel a sense of support to lessen the risk of complications and stress. GYROKINESIS® exercises are designed to do just that.

An advanced mover and one who is already aware of the use of the Breath. Beverly fell into it with ease. Expanding the ribcage and belly as she filled up during her inhale like a balloon she releases and sends her exhale out using the abdominals to the push out to the fullest extent of the air.....she closes her eyelids and relaxes into the flow as we introduced the next series including movement of the spine, pelvis, shoulders and more. 

The expectant mother often mentions how still and calm she and baby inside her womb is throughout the session. She has at least 4 exercises that can be applied to her regimen during episodes of restlessness, anxiety or shortness of breath. 

When she moves....When she breathes....


She remains present, attentive and elated as she is guided from the one area of focus to the other.
Her trust for theGKBabe is evident and her willingness to do more makes for a productive and dynamic GYROKINESIS® Session. 

"Thank You", she says, "...this was necessary. I was energized the rest of the day and  slept peacefully through the night !"

Compliments to you Beverly for investing your body!     
-the GKBabe

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