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Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Fundraiser Event: All Day of Dance Support the Next Generation

Dance: Our Legacy

Saturday October 6, 2018
Bowie Performing Arts Center
(9am - 1pm) Workshops $Pay as You Can, Donation Based

(7 - 9pm) Evening Performance $10 Tickets
Tickets on sale NOW!

All of the proceeds will go towards the building of a Scholarship Fund

Featured Performers:
The Conway Academy
Neema Dance Collective
The Collectif Project
AfroTempo: AfroDance Revolution
Release Dance Company
Divine Dance Institute
Future Destiny Dancers
Jyla Dance Studio

The Dance:Our Legacy Scholarship is the first of many announcements that our Dance Community is one of Spirit, Integrity, Achievement, and Excellence. We are coming together so that our children can witness the power of a collective effort. We place our imprint on the greater Dance Community by raising our voices so that the echo can be heard from now and for generations to come. All of the proceeds collected from day workshops and evening performance will go towards building the of this dance scholarship fund.

All the Performers, Dance Companies, Studios, Schools and Ministries featured in Dance: Our Legacy all have either trained, studied, taught or performed in Prince George’s County Public Schools with the exception of our guest performers. Each year, dance students in PGCPS take part in the PGCPS High School Dance Showcase and/or the Maryland Regional Dance Showcases. This year, we’d like to boost our presence in the larger dance community and expand our reach to a national level by sending our most exceptional dancers to the IABD Dance Conference. Our projected goal for the Dance: Our Legacy Scholarship is $2500 which will cover the costs registration, airfare, hotel accommodation and emergency expenses. With the involvement of our community and the support of Sponsors we can

So why IABD?

Each year IABD holds a Festival/Conference throughout the US and Internationally that gathers Black Dance professionals, dance companies, executive directors, choreographers, agencies and much more together for four days of dance workshops, performances,  presentations and auditions to give aspiring dancers an opportunity to engage with in the leading dance professionals in the industry from the African Diaspora. This conference provides attendees with the opportunity to learn, grow and emerge as artists by providing a space for exposure. Attendees have a chance to continue their education following the conference by auditioning for Summer Dance Intensives and or College/University Dance Programs as well as for Professional Dance Companies.

So why, a Scholarship?

A scholarship is FREE Money. It provides equal opportunity for students with passion and potential continue their pursuit of excellence in dance. Scholarship acknowledges a higher level of achievement, accomplishment and merit within a person. By presenting this scholarship to our students it requires more of them than training or performance. It challenges them to become the complete artists, capable of thinking for themselves and to taking initiative. Scholarship holds our dance students accountable to their own selves by providing the resources necessary for them to focus on the dream.  Scholarship broadens their perspective on what it means to have professional career in dance including but not limited to administration, grant writing, dance literature, audience engagement, curation, production, management, choreography and more. Scholarship merges the importance of academia and presence of creativity while addressing a financial need. And finally Scholarship elevates the platform by which connections and relationships can be established with other like-minded individuals.

Who will the scholarship be awarded to? Who is Eligible?
*Awarded to (2) Two Students

  • Must be Prince George’s County Public High School Student.
  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher (through the course of the entire school year)
  • Must be considered a Dance Student, by either of the three standards.

    • Enrolled at dance school, studio, local company or organization
    • A member of a dance ministry; active for at least 15 hours in a month period.

  • Must adhere to the Dance: Our Legacy Annual Theme
    • 2018/2019 Year “Caribbean African Diaspora”
      • Write a two (2) page Double-spaced, 12 pt Font, Times New Roman
      • Essay#1: about your personal, ties, cultural influence, interest or enthusiasm with Caribbean Culture. Feel Free to add creativity, include pictures, historical artifacts, maps, quotes, mixed media, visuals etc.
Essay#2: Who of the many historical dancers are you inspired by most and how does their work inform your growth as an artist?

Print and Sign your Name
  • Submit Dance Audition Video (1 minutes) Genre of Choice
  • At least 1 recommendation letter from a trusted source *no family members or peers* who can make an assessment of your character, level of responsibility, respectfulness and potential as a dancer.
  • Must have parent/guardian approval to travel during dates of the conference if under the age of 18. With written and signed concent

Deadline for Submission: March 31, 2019
Sign UPS Available on SHOW DAY