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An Evening of Excellence turned into an Evening of SUCCESS

Thank You to the Dancers and Directors of the Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Fundraiser Showcase

The Collectif Project
Release Dance Company
Future Destiny Dancers
The Conway Academy
Jyla's Dance Studio
Divine Dance Institute
Neema Dance Collective

Thank You to our opening act and featured Singer, Ryan Collins!
Thank You to Photographer Rodney Rice Jr., Pierre Cannon and Videographer Kester Brown
Thank You to our Production Sponsors: The Savvy Business Chic, Kisha Holloman, and Everett Browning.

Thank You to DC Dance Veteran Carol Foster, Special Programs Director of the International Blacks in Dance Association for all the exceptional work she is doing in the community.

Thank You to Starbucks for offering refreshments in the Lobby.

Thank You to the Ticket Booth Attendants, Ushers and Maintenance and Production Staff for helping bring an Evening of Excellence to LIFE!

 And of course, this all would not be possible without the generous support and contribution from the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts Executive Director, Jason Cook and the Prince Georges County Arts and Humanities Council Executive Director, Rhonda Dallas.
Thank you for setting this light high on a hill to shine for all to see.

I especially applaud the Directors--this was no easy feat to come together during a time when dance schools and programs are taking registration, auditioning new dancers, and preparing for the top of their dance season. This is also homecoming season for high school students and college alumni. Coordinating the days and times of which parents and assistants could help the young dancers prepare their hair, costumes, etc. Transporting dancers from home to studio to stage. Setting up extra rehearsals and even performing and teach on this very same day. I am convinced that dancers are Invincible.
Thank You for your diligence, patient and professionalism.

Ms. Ryan Collins, blew our audience away with soulful sounds of Aretha Franklin, Jasmine Sullivan and the like. Collins, is deeply rooted in the performing arts--collaborating with dancers in the DMV area including: StepAfrika! one of the International Association of Blacks in Dance INC. (25) Companies who received a grant this year to further their pursuits in Excellence and to help provide opportunity for future dancers of color by leveraging their funds. We are glad to have had Collins join us for this evenings affair to emphasize the importance of having live music in our learning environment as dancers. Thank You Ryan!

Dance Our Legacy indeed showcased exceptional work onstage. As the Director, I've only ever heard great things and questions of when can we return to the stage. Soon and very Soon!!!

 We are looking forward to a bright future in the lives of these dancers-- and all of the dancers in the PGCPS who would like to apply to attend the IABD conference. This the start of ongoing conversation within our dance community about how we can continue to grow and build. The great community outside of the arts needs dance...Dance Our Legacy tells the story of how and why that is.

One (1) Pledge to become a Merce Cunningham Sponsor in the amount of $100 was made on the evening of the show. 

Thank You Audience Member for believing in our efforts, supporting them and imparting a seed into the lives of the next generation of young artists!

Our Target Goal for the the Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Fund is $2500. This will afford (2) exceptional PGCPS Dance Students registration and attendance, travel as well as hotel accommodations to the International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference in 2020. 

If you would like to become a Sponsor of the Dance Our Legacy Scholarship please contact: Kayla Harley to make your pledge amount.

Martha Graham Sponsor      $50
Merce Cunningham             $100
Arthur Mitchell Sponsor     $200
Judith Jamison Sponsor     $300

Donations are accepted in the form of: Cash, Check, Cashiers Check, Credit Card or Paypal.

To request your pledge letter with full details, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator:

Kayla Harley
(301) 882-2113


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