Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

I AM Black Dance

Let it be known.
The movement #iamblackdance
begins with the International Association of Blacks in Dance.


There is always a sense of risk when you put out a statement or declaration out about one's identity. However, we are willing to take that risk even in the face of possible appropriation because this organization has years, decades of archival record to show their dedication to the edification and growth of Blacks in Dance and BLACK DANCE. 

Throughout my days in the conference and festival, I felt like was in BlackDance University. The sense of pride and belonging as I roamed around admiring Black beauty and presence. The passion that  transpired in my observance of classes, on the emblem letters and symbols on jackets, suits and hoodies indicating the different regions, states and school. And the banner of Bison pride that shouted out an occasional "HU.....YOU KNOW" that echoed from all corners of the room from young to old.

There is intelligence in casual conversation about the artistry of dance and the dancers that have come of age and now take the stage of various positions on the World that are honorable to the Black Legacy of Excellence
Aside from the dance classes, workshops and panel discussions taking place. Administrative Meetings from the decision makers the larger dance community convened at the Convention Center as well including: Dance USA. Vendors, Black-Owned Business owners sold products, goods and services including: Jewelry, Apparel, Shea Butter, African Fabrics and Attire, Muscle Analesgic Applications, Chair Massages and Skin Colored Tights. I project that there will be far more representation next year now that we see the possibilities.

See the remain images below.
I wouldn't be a true traveler if I didn't step away to experience  a part of the city that I'm visiting. From what I gauge from a few friendly Lyft Drivers during the week. Ohio is a well.....a friendly place. I walked about 10 minutes from the convention center to Americas first elite car dealership: Parkard. More expensive than a Rose Royce, a fleet of these cars could be found at the White House. Regal indeed, in 1917 these cars went for about $1500.00 which was very expensive, comparable to the cost of a House. Take a look at the coach designs, and interior detail of the dashboard, seats, trunks and more. The gentleman who worked the front of the museum was alone and kind enough to give me a tour. There was an entirely separate show room that I skimmed before jetting back to the Courtyard Marriott for a little recharge nap.
Midnight Bantaba.

That evening the performances showcased our talented university dance students.
Following was the Midnight Bantaba, where we gave honor to our ancestors in dance together.
The meeting room held 200+ plus dancers from older to young in traditional lappa and Africawear.
It was beautiful because the class was led by an elder, who although complained of his back or body or the fact that he was a senior.......his zeal for the dance and his ability to quick step and give us LOVE was evident. And the sound of the drums just took us HIGHER and Deeper as we danced and free ourselves through movement and homage to our ancestors that we give.
Drummer Men

The night concluded at 2 AM and I was up in class by 7 AM.
For the first time. I felt the dancers pain who'd be dancing throughout the week from morning to night.

Her Hair in her Glory.
Hydration is key. Very important on travel, no matter what the weather. And in this case it is bitter cold in the Midwest. Even more reason to remain hydrated because the body takes in less oxygen, taking shorter breaths in an effort to stay warm and close to the body.

This is one definitive change, I'd like to see for the IABD Conference going forth.
Healthier Menu and Eating choices for dancers.
It's time to teach them the importance of nutrition for longevity and wellness.

Each heavy, salted, fried, or sugar coated foods are not good for the body. It weakens the body and causes an imbalance and influx in blood sugar levels.
I will be be contact with the pilates teachers about a Wellness/Health + Selfcare Panel for the following year.