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Time for Take Offffff. See you in Dayton!!!

I saw a great price for a flight  using my Hopper APP over the holiday season. I could've kick myself for not jumping on it right away! But that's the great thing about Hopper, it does the jumping for You!
Available for download on all Android and iOS Apple Devices

$150.00 for a roundtrip ticket from Washington DC to Dayton, Ohio.
Unbeatable price.
It's all good, though because I can always count on the daily notifications to tell me when the prices have either gone UP or DOWN. It's Sweet. My little trusty that I keep on hand whenever I'm ready to jet to new lands!

In just 2 days for now, you can join me along the journey this year to the International Association for Blacks in Dance Conference  which is being hosted by Dayton Contemporary Dance Company among many other prominent dance Artists, Leaders Performers, Scholars and Advocates. The conference takes place at the Dayton Ohio Convention Center and I'll be staying at Dayton's University Marriott.

This is will be first time attending the festival as well as my first time visiting Dayton Ohio.
The conference is held every year in various locations, and it is where the Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Awardees will traveling to around this time next year in 2020 for an all day dance experience--one that will be memorable and indelible upon their journey as aspiring dancers.

As a Scholar and Mentor, I look forward to this venture. A reunion, it is a chance to see old faces and meet new ones to connected with dance Giants, Historians, Influencers, Celebrities and Leaders who will inform us Next Generation of Leaders on how we can offer what is needed, challenge what has and is already being done in the industry and expand with the resources that we now have access to.

Click here to visit the website.

Click here to view their media kit. 

It is a great opportunity to come together and be inspired by the beautiful aesthetic of Black Dance.
Workshops, Panel Discussions, Master Classes, Presentations, Performances and Parties!

I also be taking part in the Festival as a Wellness Instructor, preparing participants and their dance bodies for a full day of movement and inspiration. 


Tune into our LIVE STORIES on Instagram for an the experience of the IABD Conference right along with us: 
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Any topics of discussion throughout the IABD experience are also welcome for the blogsite here.

How could one ask for a better first month in the year 2019?