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A First Timer's trip to Jamaica

I arrive in to Montego Bay, Jamaica for the first time. My flight was smooth but I entered in to a hodge-podge of tourists leave customs looking to catch a bus or taxi to their respective resorts and hotels. The local Jamaican work attendants are polite yet aggressive; they want to know if you've been taken care of or how if at all you can be accommodated.

Words to the Wise: plan ahead, do your research and decide which destination guide is best and most affordable for you and your group. avoid the large crowds having to go from on company's podium to the next comparing prices. If you are a foreigner especially chances are scoring a good price deal is less than likely unless you're visiting a bargaining country. The Caribbean is not particularly one of those areas to bargain. The prices are set. If you're bold though you could TRY!

There is open WIFI Internet in the Airport provided by the islands largest web/phone service company DIGICEL. Although this is helpful and convenient leaving such a public area, venturing inland or visiting the countryside is no place for internet dweller. It's best to just confide in the Carribbean's number #1 local phone service DIGICEL.
I'm amused as I look up and see LOOP's recent advertisement billboard riding along the road. It's a picture of a fair skin woman with curly hair that laughing and enjoying herself with the banner of social media tags dancing at the bottom. She must have sign up for the same plan as I did!
Just a couple hundred Jamaican (JMD) dollars were I added to my new sim card (400 = $4 USD) for a quick start. I now have access to calling and texts messages as needed for a few days. Each time it deducts as little as $0.30 cent per minute just enough to call friends, family or a stay connected with your group of travel people, to decide on where to meet, what to eat where to go.

It's fast, reliable, and low maintenance for your needs as a Traveler. Miniature sized phones, is best. Small enough to fit in your pouch, backpack and take up with you when you go on hikes, tours or to the the nearest bar without appearing flashy and most of all FOREIGN. Unlimited plans are also available with data access WhatsAPP and other social media apps.

When you're running low-- you can as they say, "TOP UP" which means to add minutes to your pay as you go plan where ever there's a nearby DIGICEL Top UP App and register your card for reloading as well.

During my commute from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, we were practically chasing the last bit of sun when I reached my villa location~ View by the Ocean Resort on Mammee Estates in Saint Ann. This is where the festivities are being held for the 2019 fourth annual Jamaican-African Festival in Ocho Rios. it was evening time so the town was settling down, hotel attendants leaving the hotel grounds and taxi drivers running to pickup passengers. The main beach house for the property had wrapped up their dishes for the day and were serving their last couple of drinks as I approached the water for a dip. The beach house, is a play field for adults where one could play volleyball, sit around the table with friends and drink or lounge on the beach chairs. It's just my toes that touched the cool shore water. I looked up and immediately saw stars.....many. And constellations. Of course, I always look for the Moon too, I'm happy to report that La Luna is not partial to the beautiful island of Jamaica. It's shines brightly just the same when I look up through the window at my house. I'm just glad it's there.

At night, I learned about Jamaica's newest rising star, singing sensation KOFFEE. A young girl, 18 years old giving a tribute to Bob Marley just a few weeks passed during his birthday I presume up at the famous Bob Marley museum in Kingston. In her on way, style and lyrics she reignites the Spirit of this revolutionary and cultural figure as well as highlight the beauty, energy and vitality of the Rastafarian people.

Call me spoiled, privilege or just plain American. It's nice to know that I'm connected through a local supplier. It's easy to get carried away

Day 2 promises to be an Adventure. I can't wait to feel the island water on my skin first thing in the morning!