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All Call. Jamaican African Dance Festival 2019

This day was the processional/celebration day for everyone in the Jamaican African Dance Festival.

The head women, Sophia and Amaniyea were arranging a platter of fruit, plants, flowers and other natural libations that would be offered up to the Ancestors, as custom in the proceeding activities.

The rest of women taking part in the ceremony painted their faces with White dots, stripes, color marks and more indentations to symbolize what native brown peoples of the land--mainly Africans would do traditionally to identify with one another in each tribe. These kinds of gatherings make every occasion of gathering special, memorable and important, they address social issues, influence political decisions, help the warrior men prepare for war, bring forth miracles for families, widows and/or illnesses someone maybe suffering from, for fertility, guidance and more.

Sophia, her Mom, Amaniyea, a Little One.

One of the women who took my GYROKINESIS morning Stretch spoke with me about breaking generational curses, removing toxic influences in our lives and reversing the lack of mentor ship amongst the male youth, morality and/or cultural integrity. She is at the JADAC Festival with her son who stands almost 7 feet tall. I am happy to see this bond, this connection and willingness to be apart of something life changing.

In the first part of the segment participants circle around honoring the existence of our Elders and Young Ones, expressing gratitude for the Ancestors that came before us and to the Creator for making all things continually new. We immerse ourselves in the water-a healing pool and runoff from the ocean that evolves around and back into the deep. The platter with the offering is presented and piece by piece tossed out in the sea as we call out the name of our Loved Ones who have passed on. Simply to remember them and thank them for their protection over us on Earth.

Adding a Cowbell Sound to the drummers during class.
Following, we reconnect with Source and Self through an Ancient Kimetic Yoga led by Sister Ora. She reminds us to be who we really are and honor our bodies as such. We stand together in the water ankle deep and feel the electromagnetism that we receive from the Sun, the soil (or sand) and from each other.  I peer over at Bar

Djembe Drumming Class w/Ryan 

Getting it right. Which hand is it?

bara and her son Marcus and begin to well up a tear. See them together creating a memory that serves PURPOSE in their lives and will be with them forever. I applaud mothers and family who willing to do what needs be done, investing Conscious efforts into the lives young Black Men. I didn't see a lost kid playing video games or laughing to senseless jokes, but an evolving young man with open heart.

Today is the last day for classes. L'Antoinette Stines is teaching her specialized Jamaican style technique. Truly what better way to appreciate someone--than to visit them on their very land.... having seen her at the 2019 IABD Festival/Conference just a few weeks back the full circle of things in this small dance world brings us back together again.

Ladies Congolese Dance performance

Tionne awarded for her Excellence Service in midwifery 

The day commences a procession with the playing of drums, presentation of Elders and various dance performances to celebrate the 4th Annual JADFAC. It is a time of total inhibition freedom, joy and inspiration. A new by school came and bless our spaces with a theatrical storytelling through gospel hymns and a mix of Jamaican Folk Dance.

The Kumina....seemed like the most appropriate closure for the ceremony. The energy from the schoolkids was pure vibrant frequency and it sent all who was touch by it into a circle much like the first day with drummers in center and the Head Master singing us in with the Elders dressed in traditional African garment, like day one! I sat my camera down and tossed my body about as well.

I give Thanks.