Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

An IRIE Day.

This is morning's breakfast is all that I need to get by.
This trip for me is many things: a vacation yes, but a healing retreat to a place I know that has plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables growing in abundance to support the human body, treat any areas of concern from within and to invigorate the mind and senses having being dulled by the mundane life of living in suburban America.

BUSH TEA. Simply Turmeric, Jamaican Ginger and Lemongrass *are Fever Grass as they call it. These miracle working entities help fight off inflammation, impurities and strays in the immune system that keep you from living your best life. Feeling GREAT, REVIVED, POWERFUL and fit to take on the days challenges with a clear sense of judgement.
These simple of-the-earth mechanisms do that for you.

My belly is warm. My heart is lifted and my Spirits are ripe to start walking down de road.

Little Duns River. I spent countless hours researching online for affordable things to do in the Riu area before coming in

CAUTION very slippery. So glad I bought water shoes.

to find $80-$200 tours and excursions that they sell to the cruisers. Duns River, the Mystic Mountains and Zipline were among them....but the place to be is near the people that both live and love the land.
I was able to call for my driver/tour guide for the day no problem with my DIGICEL phone and local number to meet at the gate and begin taking the day.

Tour Guide for the Day
the long process of chucking, preparing raw Almonds.
Rastaman table set-up. Vendor. Handmade items.

Face of a Loser. After I won DOMINOS in Crazy Phones.
The Rasta men as you'll see there patrolling the area are simply just resting by the roadside, hand-carving souvenir pieces, chucking wood for usage, displaying artwork, jewelry and collecting items to make suitable pieces for sale to the public. A dutch family walks up around the same time as we do, considering their next move....if they should trust the unmarked path and accept the invitation to Little Duns River looking at the man with the salt and pepper rope chiming to them in a language and deep rooted accent they cannot make out and wonder if it's okay to trust. I explain to them in a simply motion of my hands that this place in free and safe. They felt so and the family carefully trotted down the rocks into the area where young Jamaican men dressed in bright yellow STAFF uniforms escorted the people through the water for fun, pictures and kayaking. I have great respect for these people. Hardworking, everyday islanders setting their minds and hearts to a task. Something as simple as painting a tower of milk carton's blue serves as fulfillment of PURPOSE and brings meaning to their lives. It makes me think of how much, I do at a time--all at once and try to accomplish everyday in a day back home. How I discredit the menial tasks of chores around the home or small detail doings as important not realizing that it too adds value to my life and serves as PURPOSE within the instance that its being performed~I should honor that.
Heaven. Basically. Calabash ITAL Restaurant.

After leaving the salt water, my body started to feel heavy. My belly hardly ever rumbles, as I've re-calibrated  my body to understand the distribution of energy (GIVING and RECEIVING) so that it's about Fuel  instead of Food is being put into it. Speaking off, I found a place to satiate my hunger as a nice follow up to the BUSH TEA.

A place called Calabash~ITAL Restaurant where Vegan food is served. I took to it because of the gentle vibrance of the place. It serves culture as well as nourishment: Pictures of the Great Ethiopian Leader Haalie Salasie, the liberation flag of the ITAL people, historical books, posters and information along with the day's menu. If you look over you could see the fresh pickings of root fruit and vegetables near the stove where the food is prepared by a tall smiling face, an IRIE wrap pon h'is head. My choice selection they didn't have: pumpkin pattie but I settled for a very fulfilling plate of steamed callaloo spinach, yellow yam and dumplin, bulgur rice and
bean/lentil stew with a shredded cabbage for salad.
I sat. I ate. I enjoyed.

Lacto-OVO Vegetarian - Dairy, Eggs, NON MEAT Eater

Small marketplace for all-natural items.
Lacto Vegetarian - Dairy, NON- MEAT Eater
Ovo Vegetarian- Eggs, NON-Meat Eater
Vegan- True to the PLANT LIFE

Rastafarian Flag.
My SPIRITS were again revived knowing that I was filling my belly/body with pure nutrients instead of just yummy-taste goods. It's easy to locate this place if I find myself looking to experience it again. Located to right at the cross streets of my two friends DaCosta Drive and Evelyn Street *DaCosta, the last name of my best friend since 3rd grade and the other a fellow dance colleague, now personal trainer in Chicago, IL.

Today is the official first day of the Jamaican African Festival.
New Arrivals have come in and discovered our personal chef for the week, settling into a welcoming plate of Jamaican specialties. The island did have a bit of a tiffy-fit just now, with winds gusting and sweeping the beach side water up onto the back lawn. I am excited to meet more faces and learn the stories of those who are here to DANCE and/ DRUM.

Tomorrow, I break the DAY with deep breathing and Awakening. GYROKINESISⓇ at 8 AM.