Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

I'm in the SOUTH Yall


It's not possible to say this word with out mocking the Southern draw that comes with it. 
It's the place where people are simply taking their time.
It's the place where you can everything you need from Walmart from groceries to hardware for your home. The place where the SPIRIT of American Black Ancestry abides, the stories of slave life and the remnants of Native American  Trail of Tears. Nashville, is the home of Jack Daniel Sauce, performances by BBKing and the local blues/rock singers in the area.
It is a place of Black solidarity where the pride the history of it's people rings throughout the year in the surrounding areas of HBCU Fisk University and places like this  book store.

I spent 2 hours in the store reading, studying and learning to residents discuss political and racial topics.

Store Manager, Deborah says "I love this place. It where people of color can come and convene on any topic, discuss, share or debate without the threat of violence ensuing shortly after."


I didn't end up eating here at SWETT'S. A place very much like where my grandmother would take me upon arriving to Wilson, NC for a visit. A buffet. With everything and Everything in it. Meat based, seasoned and cultured. 

As, I look up on the walls, I see the faces of celebrities who have passed through. But it honor of my current read by Dr. Rovenia M. Brock Ten Secrets to Livin' Healthy. I am trying hard to remain true to the needs and sustainability of my Health. Particularly with the foods, I'm eating. 

I pickup a card for a nearby Reiki Practitioner and give her a call. It's rare to find holistic work in the South. So I gave her a ring. I wasn't able to take advantage of her services but offered support in simply listening to her story and wishing her well. I know, as a GYROKINESISⓇ instructor how vital this work is yet also how challenging it is break the business into a community of traditional-minded people. 

Having had this time to learn, grow and reflect. I think on the people that I've met--the moments where dance was exchanged in African dance class on the teaching workshop for Valentines Day.....the first collegiate educated dance student/teacher to own her own dance studio in the area still living at age 95.
I am grateful.
*no pun intended

And reconnected.

Happy Black History Month.