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We WORK: Understanding the Inner Ecosystem for Remote Workers

Sunlight and Plants to oxidize the room. When you first take on that new Job, you are ecstatic! You're charged and seem to have an enormous amount of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual capacity to take things on, to thrive constantly and do well. But overtime, when productivity settles in so does the stress of processing, maintaining and or managing your energy throughout the day.  Self-care is Essential for completing projects and assignments, especially for remote and independent workers. Private booths for information sensitive calls or meetings  Self-care in fact is a must, and it lives right there in the workplace. As a Wellness Practitioner and Intrinsic Wellness Coach, I am passionate about having a healthy happy work place.  The simple things we know but take for granted, like staying Hydrating, taking breaks, cooling down, interacting with others, getting a good stretch in, proper digesting lunch before returning to work.  Inspiring Curation

Finding Your NORTH.

 Wanderlust Fest Oahu 2019 Kayla Harley, Wanderlust Scholar Certified GYROKINESIS Instructor Revitalized.  Empowered. Chasing Sunrises before class begins at Lanikai Beach The beautiful sky before the Sun kisses it.  Navigation If you had a vague idea, a hint of how you'd like to spend the rest of your life.....and you knew that it involved more than clocking in at 9 am and heading into traffic to by evening time, then you probably have a case of Wanderlust. It's a lifestyle that allows you embrace the magic and the freedom of living life unscheduled, unorthodox, uninhibited and yet justified by your willingness to actively seek out the things you truly long for in this Life. Amplified Yoga with Donovan McGrath Much of our world today is centered around generating incoming, building wealth and establishing what is common known as "security". Reflecting on the days of our parents, grandparents and great-parents whos

The Very FIRST Aloha

It is my first time in Hawaii. I arrive on the "Big Island"O'ahu island after a long but smooth flight and collect my things from baggage claim. I look around expecting a heap of brown people to gather around and approach me with Hawaiian Leis, and smiling faces saying "Aloha!" which means Hi, Hello or Welcome--but universally stands for the word LOVE. But, I guess I've just been watching too many movies. No brown people as of yet, but I am greeted with the warm midst of the tropical air, the sight of mountains at the distance and an open blue sky. I feel joy, freedom and lightness right away. My feet begin to move quickly all of sudden....I know that I am in one of the happiest places in the World. Known as the Rainbow state, I tune my new little red beetle to a local radio station that plays up beat songs. I notice that they are all distinctly positive even the popular the ones. I am grateful. It brings me back to my college days in San Francisco bay rid