Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Finding Your NORTH.

 Wanderlust Fest Oahu 2019

Kayla Harley, Wanderlust Scholar

Certified GYROKINESIS Instructor



Chasing Sunrises before class begins at Lanikai Beach

The beautiful sky before the Sun kisses it. 


If you had a vague idea, a hint of how you'd like to spend the rest of your life.....and you knew that it involved more than clocking in at 9 am and heading into traffic to by evening time, then you probably have a case of Wanderlust. It's a lifestyle that allows you embrace the magic and the freedom of living life unscheduled, unorthodox, uninhibited and yet justified by your willingness to actively seek out the things you truly long for in this Life.
Amplified Yoga with Donovan McGrath

Much of our world today is centered around generating incoming, building wealth and establishing what is common known as "security". Reflecting on the days of our parents, grandparents and great-parents whose lives we're devout to hard work and ownership, we as their children try to honor the good works they began by affirming these things by doing more, having more in effort to "make them proud". But if you skim the various articles of Medium or Buzzfeed, your local news station or browse social media posts you'll see that these definitions have turned into addictive and strenuous lifestyles that cause people to go into panic attacks, slip into suicidal depression or break up the family home.

The reality is simply this. The race. Once a marathon alongside one another with pickets, shouts in unison for justice against a common enemy and daydreams of a life where the hardwork actually pays off....are gone away. The race now flours full speed into the future with devices, chips, satellites and drones by our sides.....above our heads and in our minds, daily. The millennial era of people both young and old as is seen and felt at the Wanderlust Festival, have decided to resist the pressure and rid the strain by living a life that speaks to Soul, aligns with the intuitive place we call our Hearts and serves a our World, the Earth and inhabitants in a great capacity. One, that is less destructive and produces the wealth and abundance of Life itself.....rather than just money.

Each year, the Wanderlust Festival/Conference meets in various locations throughout the U.S. providing a place where people can generate powerful energy from within and expand, share and growth with others who are doing the same. This could be anyone but it tends to be those who are open-minded, grounded, conscience, peaceful, giving, nomadic, metaphysical, physical and spiritually attuned.                                                Their mission statement:

Wanderlust’s mission is to help you find your true north — to cultivate your best self.

For my first time visiting the state and island of Hawaii, I have the privilege of taking part in their experience with participants who are smiling and excitable yet vulnerable enough to shed a tear as is needed to heal....which is precisely what I am here to do. The festival features both local and international businesses, companies, vendors whose work emphasizes wellness, suitability, community, global engagement, freedom of expression and the effort of a willful contribution to humanity.

Finding your North--as is said. Is for those are looking....not around at others in self-doubt and insecurity but towards the Light, towards their hopefulness and inner truth. From students, to entrepreneurs, business owners, chefs, yogis, musicians, visual artists, crafters, artisans, writers, families....just about anyone is willing to as Guest Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur and Yogi, Robindra Mohar says "...actively participate in their Light."
Learn more about him and his work:

During the festival exhilarating classes are lined up to get the blood circulating and body moving such as: Yoga, AcroYoga, Pilates, Capoeira, LED Fire Play Introduction, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Horseback Riding. Then there are the ignition of the soul sessions that help bring us closer to our most Courageous selves: Meditation, Sound Therapy, DIY Crafting, Fabric Designing, Handcrafting, Grafitti....and so much more. There are surprises waiting around every corner of the BEAUTIFUL resort of which hosts the festival in Oahu, the Turtle Bay Resort. Much like a land campus beautifully weaves beaches, a golf course and trails amidst the tents which hold the classes, workshops, talks and sessions.

The "Wander" part of the festival speaks to those who find themselves exploding with ideas, innovations, gifts and talents that typically help the community, contribute to  world, inspire others or enhance Light Energy that lives, dwells and revolves amongst us: SEVA. To "Wander" is not to be lost, it's to gather and find yourself along the way....the key is to keep moving, go deeper, inch closer, throw further, and plant yourself where is needed to rest in the Bliss and Bounty of it all. The "Lust" is the thrill and of all. It is the infatuation with Life, the dating in the Marriage, the Laughter, Wail, Scream, Bellow and Echo and Release of it ALL.

Wanderlust is LIFE.

AcroYoga Class.
Trio Partners for the day.