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We WORK: Understanding the Inner Ecosystem for Remote Workers

Sunlight and Plants to oxidize the room.
When you first take on that new Job, you are ecstatic! You're charged and seem to have an enormous amount of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual capacity to take things on, to thrive constantly and do well. But overtime, when productivity settles in so does the stress of processing, maintaining and or managing your energy throughout the day. Self-care is Essential for completing projects and assignments, especially for remote and independent workers.

Private booths for information sensitive calls or meetings

 Self-care in fact is a must, and it lives right there in the workplace. As a Wellness Practitioner and Intrinsic Wellness Coach, I am passionate about having a healthy happy work place. 

The simple things we know but take for granted, like staying Hydrating, taking breaks, cooling down, interacting with others, getting a good stretch in, proper digesting lunch before returning to work. 

Inspiring Curation + Choice of Color by the Print/Fax Machine.
WeWork has a done a fantastic job of providing ambiance and tools needed to hone in and get things done....but attention the Body.... an environment of its own, needs attention too. After sitting for hours at a desk, hunched over your laptop or tilting your head in odd positions while trying to take calls, type or taking notes, the body can get out of sorts and needs a moment of recharge, refresh or simply just pause. Get the blood flowing, the stimulate mental through the physical with some gentle top of the day exercises that won't bother your neighbor. 

The BeeBodi Marketplace pop shop

The BeeBodi Marketplace provided a demonstration to the various companies at DC's WeWork site in Navy Yard on the importance of Body Awareness, Energy Management and the useful exercises from the GYROKINESIS® technique. 

Participants were able to pick from one of the Poll Questionnaire Cards to first bring awareness to their work engagement skills in order to draw conclusions and make better decisions for a healthier work regimen. 

Here's an example:

One of the remote workers who picked a card was able to pinpoint his choices on sugar intake throughout the day were increasingly high, thus causing him to crave more sugar to boost his energy. He'd expressed interested in learning more about Nutritional Guidance. This is a great first step:

It was a great day getting to know the people of WeWork. It's it an place where one has far more freedom to express the body and it's needs throughout the work day. 

Cushion Seating where one can change 
their position, meditate or take a stretch. 
Most importantly the key is actually take part in....become a doer of those things that will help, enhance and sustain that thriving energy that it takes to succeed at work.

Special Events, Talks and WeWork Labs.
BeeBodi is NEXT!!!!
Kayla Harley, Owner of BeeBodi Marketplace


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