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The bond between a Mother and Daughter can never be broken, especially when they run a successful trinket business, a non-profit organization for children together and share strong attributes within themselves that compliment one another. IDYART: PushinCulcha &Creativity That Heals IG: @idyart I met Aida and Dr. Kim D Harris Ed. D. at the Tmrw.Today Festival in the Vendors Marketplace. They were sitting calmly behind their merchandise table as I moseyed over to gaze at their handcrafted work. So much talent, creativity and love in one single place. I was in awe at the attention to detail and thoughtfulness that went into each design.  My eyes first landed on the earrings naturally and then I discovered the mermaid dolls patched and stitched with many colors and trimmed with with sequins and beads. Dolls hold great meaning signifying a connection held between the giver and receiver, these are great memorandums for College Students to take with them and

Why I choose DIGICEL. A Disapora Jouney's Friend.

Yea, I have What'sAPP. What Globetrotter doesn't?  It's the easiest most accessible way to reach friends, learn about their lives through activity and stay in touch once you've returned home. All you need is WIFI connection. But every now and then one seeks to retreat from the demands of daily life, emails and phone calls. It's hard to do that with notifications ringggging off of the hook. It's better just to tap out, solid.  Leave a message for all to know that you'll be away from some days and tune into the world of retreat all around you.  But if you're not ready for a full dive, you can purchase a Digicel Phone Plan so that you stay connected to the people you around you have access to the locals, the taxis, call any island business and make emergency calls without hassle. It's like any other service, simply insert your SIM Card in to your SMART Phone. Download the Digicel Top UP App and add money for minutes as you go! Have a simp


Travel works best when you have a Spontaneous Spirit, a Quick and Witty Mind and a Smiling Open Heart. That's how I ended up in Negril, Jamaica at the Tmrw.Tday Cultural Festival~ rated one of the top Culture Festivals Worldwide. Tmrw.Tday Indie, Hip Hop, Sounscape, Jamaican VIBES Music and Sounds Curated by Andrew & Stacey. IrieSoul and PARTNERS I was on my way home from a fulfilling week of dancing, storytelling, exploring and wandering in Ochi Rios at the Jamaican African Dance & Culture Festival. I had given my body and soul the kind of medicine that's incomparable to any other....time spent in nature, by the water and in the company of people who are passionate about sharing the gift and legacy that dance offers. Stacy.IRIE Soul taking a picture with the KK School Children. Yoga with Koncious Kids, Non-Profit Organization launch by Tmrw.Tday Preparing for Flight, I buckled my seat beat with Instagram s