Health is a Must but who can we Trust?


The bond between a Mother and Daughter can never be broken, especially when they run a successful trinket business, a non-profit organization for children together and share strong attributes within themselves that compliment one another.

IDYART: PushinCulcha &Creativity That Heals
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I met Aida and Dr. Kim D Harris Ed. D. at the Tmrw.Today Festival in the Vendors Marketplace. They were sitting calmly behind their merchandise table as I moseyed over to gaze at their handcrafted work. So much talent, creativity and love in one single place. I was in awe at the attention to detail and thoughtfulness that went into each design. 

My eyes first landed on the earrings naturally and then I discovered the mermaid dolls patched and stitched with many colors and trimmed with with sequins and beads.

Dolls hold great meaning signifying a connection held between the giver and receiver, these are great memorandums for College Students to take with them and keep in their dorm or apartment reminding them of a piece of home, family and culture, I thought. 

After spending a little bit more time at the table, I decided I would purchase most of my gifts for family and friends here at the IDYART table, not only because how impressed I was with the work but because of the inviting Spirit of the two women of which we held great conversation about  Egyptian history, expat living in Jamaica and their summer camp held for kids where they teach crafting, activities and more, gave.

In fact, this only a small part of of the larger scheme of their existence. The Dr. Kim, mom of 4 relocated herself  and family from Philadelphia, PA to Jamaica where now she and her daughter Aida offer healing, meditation, yoga and detox retreats at the ABOFA House. Aida, her business partner, is the retreat home's resident Vegan Chef and together they make guests traveling from near and far feel welcome to unfold, be transparent, vulnerable and to transform in a space that is Sacred. 

The duo lives their daily lives through holistic health and wellness and offers two systems of Kemetic Yoga: Tjef Neteru Sema Paut and the Yoga Skills Method. 

Visit their website and learn more about how you and your loved ones can get involved.
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Spend your next time in Jamaica reviving your Sprit, healing the body and nurturing the Soul at one of their DIVINE Retreats held every season.

I am very happy with my waist beads. It took some time to finally decide because the designs where all so special, unique and sacred. For the rest of my time taking classes, walking about Woodstock beach and basking my belly in the sun, I wore my two pairs of waist beads as was done when they were first created.....women adorning their bodies with 6 to 12 of them at a time to help them measure their midline size and enjoy the sounds of beads, charms and bells jangling as they walked. It makes me think of the Nubians, with the rings around their long necks, a signature of Queendom, a reverence of their majesty.....a pure work of art. 

But with beauty comes caution. One of the topics the duo and I discussed was the need for women to learn Self Defense. 

We live in a unpredictable, self-serving and at times malicious world where things can get out of control. Our Brothers, be it they are of African Descendant or not, are supposed to be their to protect us but when frequencies become imbalanced and the mind polluted then the threat of violence, harassment or sexual assault become a concern. 1 out of 5 Woman around the World have experienced one if not all forms of this and it has changed their approach, sense of trust and willingness to be open freely in their communities. It was agreed that Women should know the basic tactics of Self-Defense when navigating in and throughout our lives. 

Keep a look out! With myself as a GYROKINESIS® Instructor, Intrinsic Wellness/Meditation Guide and a recent connection I made with a Jamaican Black Belt Martial Artist in Ocho Rios.....we could very well be introducing a new kind of retreat at the ABOFA House very soon!!!!