Health is a Must but who can we Trust?


Travel works best when you have a Spontaneous Spirit, a Quick and Witty Mind and a Smiling Open Heart.

That's how I ended up in Negril, Jamaica at the Tmrw.Tday Cultural Festival~ rated one of the top Culture Festivals Worldwide.

Indie, Hip Hop, Sounscape, Jamaican VIBES Music and Sounds

Curated by Andrew &
Stacey. IrieSoul and PARTNERS

I was on my way home from a fulfilling week of dancing, storytelling, exploring and wandering in Ochi Rios at the
Jamaican African Dance & Culture Festival. I had given my body and soul the kind of medicine that's incomparable to any other....time spent in nature, by the water and in the company of people who are passionate about sharing the gift and legacy that dance offers.

Stacy.IRIE Soul taking a picture with the KK School Children.

Yoga with Koncious Kids, Non-Profit Organization launch by Tmrw.Tday

Preparing for Flight, I buckled my seat beat with Instagram still in view where people were stretching into Yoga Poses collectively in an outside platform along 7 Mile Beach. I knew I had to be there.

Paddleboard YOGA Class
Jamaica wasn't through with me yet and being a GYROKINESIS® Instructor it's my heart's desire to spread the word about this wonderful technique.....and so I reached out. A few weeks later, I found myself a Yoga Instructor Assistant and apart of an amazing Tribe of people who came from all over to support and be a part of this Negril takeover.

Night Outing at nearby Negril Skylark resort on 7-Mile Beach 

 Throughout the week, I'd have a chance to engage with Canadian travelers, experts in the Holistic, Wellness and Fitness Industry and vibe in one of Jamaica's most affluent locations on the island.

I discovered on day one that Canadians are actually one of the most respected travelers in the World. Their amiable and welcoming Spirit is familiar and inviting....a sense of innocence that remains as one of my friends stated~ "what American's would be like if we were so spoiled and entitled". I watch Canadian Tmrw.Tday leaders as they zip around taking care of business. They almost always have a smile or relaxed look on their faces, even in moments of urgency.

One Canadian entrepreneurial  couple was capturing the hearts of many in the Vendor Marketplaces with their one of a kind Infinity Wrap Sarees~called L.U.V. Network. Turning Traditional Indian Wear in Modern Chic Lovables for all to wear....bathing suit coverage or yoga attire wrap, as a dress or night cape. You name it. It's pretty magical.
Check them out:

In fact all of the Vendors were Special, spread along the first level of Woodstock Beach grounds where fresh smoothies were blended up throughout the day. 
These are people who clearly have invested their whole selves in to the respective craft, design or work.
Founder of Exotic Child on the LEFT.
Couture Jewelry by Exotic Child
High Fashion Hand Woven/Knitted Bathing Suits, Dresses and Tops by 
Original Smoke Challyces by Kevin
A Precious Mother and Daughter Business Bond by IDYART

Check out the next blogpost for details on this very special small business.

*learn more about them in my next post
Homebaked Goods and Sweets, Baked by Bella 
*...the start of the business was birthed thru her first baby and inspired by Tmw.Tday Festival 2018
and of course: Jamaica's most prominent Jewelry and Sculpting Lady Jasazii McKenzie
Jasazii saging and clearing energetic planes, ONE LOVE.
Jewelry-Designer, Sculptor, Energy Healer

One step down from it all, to the side of the bar were the Bungulos of Holistic Experts are found providing Massage, Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Tchiatsu and more for Tribe attendee.

Kushy Yoga with Original STEAM Challyce Kevin, class taught and led by Dylan Chong.

I personally got a loving massage from Yogi, Shaman and Rastabrother, Hado in exchange for sharing some breathing techniques with his lovely young Japanese wife, Iya which means "they eye that I am also seeing through" a deep and intimate exchange of words between lovers. As it is in the Rastafarian Culture.
Hado listening to Spoken Guidance and Meditation by Peter 

I feel so blessed to finally have had a chance to come closer to my Rasta People.

I did a brief reserach study on them in college and presentation in my Ethics class. When I think about it. My uncles are very much like them as well.....not because they wore locs but because of the simple, happy and ground/roots way of living they exposed me to: being self sufficient, knowledgeable, humble and full of Joy and Self Confidence.

Each new found Rasta Family who would recite/chant a Rastafarian Protection Prayer. Much like a Christian Psalm....repetitive, strong and Holy.
The name is the only factor that differs referring to could as Jah and/or the figure I and I~ which is the Spirit of God that is lays within.

Jamaican Music Artist, Ryan Jesse speaking at the Tribe Talks

Breakout Color and Powder on Woodstock Beach

We all have access to this. We all have the capable to not only think....but live with a Free Mind. 
Free enough to be OPEN to the idea of ONENESS, which is also All.
All as ONE. The first principle of Tmrw.Tday Culture Festival.

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