Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Why I choose DIGICEL. A Disapora Jouney's Friend.

Yea, I have What'sAPP.

What Globetrotter doesn't? 
It's the easiest most accessible way to reach friends, learn about their lives through activity and stay in touch once you've returned home. All you need is WIFI connection.

But every now and then one seeks to retreat from the demands of daily life, emails and phone calls. It's hard to do that with notifications ringggging off of the hook. It's better just to tap out, solid. 
Leave a message for all to know that you'll be away from some days and tune into the world of retreat all around you. 

But if you're not ready for a full dive, you can purchase a Digicel Phone Plan so that you stay connected to the people you around you have access to the locals, the taxis, call any island business and make emergency calls without hassle. It's like any other service, simply insert your SIM Card in to your SMART Phone. Download the Digicel Top UP App and add money for minutes as you go!

Have a simple talk/text phone like me? Add minutes at any nearby corner store, gas station, pharmacy or while reclining at Club MoBAY in the Airport. 


Spending a few weeks on Jamaica or want to send money home to family?
Digicel makes it possible for you and for them

Connect to WIFI only when you need to. Not, because you have to...
Stay Connected along your favorite vacation spots throughout the Caribbean/Asia South Pacific