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DanceAfrica, DC Festival 2019

DanceAfrica, DC is a week long celebration of the African Diaspora, in Spirit, through Dance, Art, Music and Culture. It takes place every year in the Washington, DC Brookland area. On this day, Sunday June 2nd the festival celebrates 32 years of presence within the African Dance Community. And it is an exciting time to be at DancePlace. Photo credit: Jonathan Hsu Midday performances, led by Griot Mama Sylvia Soumah of Coyaba Dance Theater includes outstanding African dance companies, masterclass series, free outdoor performances and activities, and its signature African Marketplace featuring: local vendors, a gallery of some of Africa's texture, color and uniquely pattern jewelry, clothing, handbags, accessories and more.  DanceAfrica, DC is known to inspire, invigorate, educate, and entertain and on that day… did. Photo credit: Jonathan Hsu As you drive or walk down 8th St NE you’re instantly drawn to the sound of music from the four corners