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Why we Love BADU

I lug my sunburst orange suitcase along with a beige leather one-strap satchel bought from a consignment store in Brooklyn, New York thrown over my right shoulder, a bag of clothes I just absolutely needed to get rid of in hand and a fourth bag full papers and work materials in tow. As I reached the edge of the road where traffic began, for once, I wasn't embarrassed or thinking about how ridiculously weighed down I looked. It could be because my stylish bamboo Nine West hat was doing the trick blocking out the sun or the fact that I looked just like the Bag Lady that Lady Sara Bellum described in her song. by Spainish Muralist, Eva Mena I a flash image of the BusBoys & Poets painting of the Universally loved Artist Erykah Badu that hung HIGH....the highest of all the artwork--with a large fro and a tiny crown....came to my mind. I begin to sing the song. Baaaag Lady. You gon miss your Bus. You can't Hurry Uuuuup. Cause you got TOO much stuff. That was me. In a

Mandela Day & Laughing Out Loud with Michael

Yesterday was my birthday. I was having a fun filled day, learning about South African History and Culture at the Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center. Nelson Mandela and I share the same I've been saying "God don't make NO Mistakes." I am inspired by his resilience, patience and empathy for the whole of South Africa. His solidarity and the young people who stood up his name against the Apartheid will always be in my heart. I even chatted with some young women about the power of Meditation and MindBody Practices for Sustainable Living. The museum displays a jaw dropping exhibit by Songwriter and Painter Vanessa Williams called "Catharsis" meaning pure expression. She began painting again after having been a caretaker to her 90+ year old father for quite sometime. During his last days, she had lost herself in whirlwind of responsibilities and obligations she had in this role as her Daughter. It was that sense of pu

My D[M]V Summer

When somewhere asks you where you're from....and you live, work or attend school 20 minutes from the Nation's Capitol--then it is safe to say that you're from the DMV. No....not the department of motor vehicles, there is no long line to sit in. I'm talking about the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.   Prince George's African American Museum & Culture Center There is a sense of pride that comes with the spin on the way its put "the DMV" is the best place to be employed for those who are swooned by the thought of affluence, power, free museum visits. People come from all across the world to marvel at our simple yet historic architecture, to listen to the protesting and vibe with street activity here in DC. It's a small city, but there is magic to it. It is quite community oriented, every open about its activities and events whereas there is something for everyone. Even as a small city, if you went out for nightlife, attended a

Summertime: A validated FREEDOM on Independence Day

As I  advance in Age, Statue and Maturity.....I begin to honor my opinions, my ideals and belief about life all the more. Original Art, provided by Pinterest Today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day Celebration in the United States of America. While the grills are firing up (although it's pouring down raining now) the DJ playlists are getting ready to spin for a party and tossing the drinks in the cooler, I'm choosing a different route this year. Original Art, provided by Pinterest I've always said that I'd one day hope to raise a family up to be freethinkers, non-conformed or conditioned to the mentality of the masses.....which when it comes to American Holidays involves CONSUMERISM. Unnecessary purchasing, extra promotion and persuasions to herd common thinking....further and further away from a meaningful, progressive, economical or planetary conscious life-- instead deeper into debt and seasonal routines that become much more like a ritual of f