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Summertime: A validated FREEDOM on Independence Day

As I  advance in Age, Statue and Maturity.....I begin to honor my opinions, my ideals and belief about life all the more.
Original Art, provided by Pinterest

Today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day Celebration in the United States of America. While the grills are firing up (although it's pouring down raining now) the DJ playlists are getting ready to spin for a party and tossing the drinks in the cooler, I'm choosing a different route this year.

Sadie Curtis, Navajo weaver (Arizona Highways cover July 1976)
Original Art, provided by Pinterest

I've always said that I'd one day hope to raise a family up to be freethinkers, non-conformed or conditioned to the mentality of the masses.....which when it comes to American Holidays involves CONSUMERISM. Unnecessary purchasing, extra promotion and persuasions to herd common thinking....further and further away from a meaningful, progressive, economical or planetary conscious life-- instead deeper into debt and seasonal routines that become much more like a ritual of forced habit in the name of inclusivity or to eliminate FOMO the "Fear Of Missing Out".

This year, my path lead to me a nearby Yoga studio.

Just the day before, I'd heard about a community open class made available on this holiday for people like me.....who need to gain a sense of calm and peace in spite of the busyness and noise that often does as will later on take place during the Holiday.

As I prepared myself for the class today, I was flooded with all sorts of indecisive and criticizing thoughts like...."Who am I becoming?", "Am I become that person? A Yogi, Hippie forreal?", "Here I go again, being antisocial and only wanting to do something hidden, calm and deep."
I drove on, running for class because of the downpour that started when I got on the road.
As thoughts raced through my mind...I pulled into parking space and remembered something.... Hey FREE Parking! There goes one Holiday perk.

Today I explore, the meaning of Freedom, Independence and Autonomy by exercising my right to exist and thrive in a way best suits me and of course honors my Ancestors who were not able to do the same. Yoga practice speaks to this clear course of action: applying this Holistic Lifestyle for always regardless of what, how or if not at all my decisions are validated by. I realize within my FLOW that I am in fact doing something important & making a statement within my act of resistance to conformity:

My pursuits of self-motivation.
My gradual steps toward home/property ownership.
My admiration, patience and exercising of compassion.
My love for nature.
All of these things HONOR my Native American Lineage, Tribesman and Indigenous Heritage.

My solidarity, sincerity and outreach within the community.
My support of local, multi-cultural business.
My dedication as a Health/Wellness Guide....extending my knowledge to the people.
All of these things HONOR my Black/African American Heritage.

I come to these epiphanies during my Yoga Practice.

Reflection & Breath postclass.
Charming Studio Space.

Today my body needed a good stretch and guidance into my breath so I was grateful, to have had Scheera as an instructor. 
It was my first time visiting the LoveYogaStudio in Hyattsville/Gateway District Arts area, an area...ironically I grew up here and have been curious about it's the transformation while I was away in school. Now after over the course of 14 years, the neighborhood has evolved into Vibrant Town of Creativity. This location is an intimate space, Female-owned and rotates with dynamic classes throughout the course of the week. I was joined by two other Brown Yogis in the community classes and best of all felt grounded. There is nothing like a good feeling and fulfilling experience to help validate your decision.
Instructors of YogaLoveStudio
I am GLAD a come out!
If you live in the D<DC, M<Maryland. I highly recommend a visit, class or session at the LoveYogaStudio.
Invite a friend! Enjoy a stroll following your class along the strip at Vintage Shops, Galleries and Delicious Healthy Foodie Yum Yums nearby for your pleasure.
Visit them today at:

Moral of this Travel Story:
Open your Mind and heart to find what you don't have to Go Far!