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Cultural Fabrication, A Traveling Black Woman

"You see we don't have the kind of problems that other counties do....we are not Culture Appropriators, we are the Officiators." Graduate Student in Trinidad & Tobago Her statement was with such conviction, strength  passion as she speaks to the cultural and ethnic divide that we face today--she speaks to the fact that the island of Trinidad & Tabogo is has such an interwoven existence-- a Mural blend of Indigenous of "First Peoples", Africans, Spanish, British, Portuguese, French Creole, Indian and Chinese. Indo-Caribbean Dance Workshop led by Dr. Balkaransingh  After seeing one the submitted stories in the TTFilm Festival called, "Calcutta to Caribbean", I came realize that the Indian presence in this country has influenced significant parts of what is now a the fabric of everyday life. Hindu Temples including, the Temple at the Sea in Caroni (built by a spiritual zealate) were erected all over the island whereas Indians can worship

Day #3 L'Acado Dance Workshop - A Traveling Black Woman

No Yoga for me this Morning. Instead, I was eagerly anticipating L'Antoinette Stiles company class and workshop featuring her specialized technique: L'anTech being held at the National Performing Arts Building as part of the University of Trinidad & Tabago. I first encountered this woman as gazed at a piece of fruit to eat one early morning in Dayton, Ohio at the International Association of Blacks in Dance Association Annual Conference in Festival 2019. Typical gypsy scenario, coming from long travels in need of nourishment after thing is all said and done. She bit into an apple that rested on a table beside me, she picked it up--looked at me it that was the beginning of my admiration for a such a this deeply rich cultured person. Company Dancers showing their special finger grip Her company brought Kingston to the stage for in the U.S. with only a taste of Caribbean culture through Katherine Dunham, deemed the mother of Modern dance who brought the classic style a

Day #2 A Traveling Black Women

Hey Friends! I hope you enjoyed my IG Exercise Video. The heart rate game is no joke, especially when you're tired. It reminds me of says by my best Ballet Teacher and Mentor "when you're tired, that's the time to push harder." I almost gave in and just bought a beer to sit back and chill but something told me to hold onto my strength, even if it was faint. Taking in more oxygen increases blood circulation and allow for easy relaxation when the time comes. The compression of the airplane is enough to dehydrate you, it's best to get that air while you can! After a long flight journey. I made it into Trinidad and was greeted by my personal Travee Driver and Guide for the night. The policy of #nostress certainly made up for the anxiousness that I was feeling on the way there. Travee, much like an Uber or Lyft  is a digital taxicab service that takes you to and from your desired destination. The APP itself is simple and easy to use, it allows for similar feature

Jet Set Go! Preparation

And now the EXCITEMENT Begins! Whether you went through  Travel Agency, had a friend book your flight or joined a savvy Travel Tribe to make you arrangements the best part is having your booked itinerary in your inbox. It's like Charlie and his golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory! Carifesta XVI! Here we come... You can finally breathe. The hard work and payment plans are done. Now, it's time to put things into perspective. So lets go over a few Travel Prep tips to get you to your Gate for an Amazing Adventure! SAVE YOUR DOLLARS! When you know you're about to travel, you want to acquire as little of expenses as possible so that you have more than enough to work with when you're there. Remember there are always unforseen expenses, fees, additions when you travel. So be prepared. One week before travel, you should have acquired all items and have no reason to spend money for anything at all. CHECK YOUR DOCUMENTS Make sure that everything is up-to-da

in a Little Town called Wilson

Last, I was in North Carolina....I took the Amtrak train down for 3 hours from Union Station Washington DC and landed on a beautiful day where my Grandmother scooped me up. Well, I'm back! In a little town called Wilson, where everyone knows each other by last name. The Zimmerman/Bynum Family Tree line begins here in Wilson and trails down as far as Savannah, Georgia. This year we celebrate the life and prosperity of ongoing generations at the Wilson Recreation Center. Simple, quaint but poppin never the less. The theme for the family reunion is Motown and we always put on a good show. Following the festivities, my immediate family and I drove a few streets over to the cemetery to visit the original Matriarch of our Family: Addie Hoskins. Her house is where everyone would go to stay to visit, to collect and create memories, to listen to her tell us how it was....and admire the grand Arboretum. A tree that all of Daniel Street knows her by. We Miss You, but thank God for