Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Day #2 A Traveling Black Women

Hey Friends! I hope you enjoyed my IG Exercise Video. The heart rate game is no joke, especially when you're tired. It reminds me of says by my best Ballet Teacher and Mentor "when you're tired, that's the time to push harder." I almost gave in and just bought a beer to sit back and chill but something told me to hold onto my strength, even if it was faint. Taking in more oxygen increases blood circulation and allow for easy relaxation when the time comes. The compression of the airplane is enough to dehydrate you, it's best to get that air while you can!

After a long flight journey. I made it into Trinidad and was greeted by my personal Travee Driver and Guide for the night. The policy of #nostress certainly made up for the anxiousness that I was feeling on the way there. Travee, much like an Uber or Lyft  is a digital taxicab service that takes you to and from your desired destination. The APP itself is simple and easy to use, it allows for similar features:

  1. Pre-booking as far as days in Advance
  2. Low-Affordable fares
  3. Quality Experience: Friendly Drivers, w/Clean Cars & Pleasant Scent
  4. Access to a regular taxi or a premium car ride
  5. Bonus* unlike like in the U.S., no extra fees apply for additional persons joining the ride
  6. SUPER Bonus* the business is black owned, by Milennials forward thinking minds
TRAVEE also offers affordable flight deals from Trinidad to it's sister island, Tobago.
Have you ever rode on a private jet before? Just give it 48 hours advanced notice and you're there in no time. Make sure to download the APP. Especially if you find yourself visiting Trinidad in February for Carnivale Season, you'' have a sure way to get to your Sweat!!!

I arrive at Liams Guesthouse to greet the rest of the dancers and my tribe for the week, Ballet Creole. Many are here from Toronto, CA and are excited about their upcoming performance. Our first day, we drove north of the island to Maracas Bay a beach not so much known for it's waters but the limin scene it offers to tourists and locals. It's infamous snack, Shark & Bake is an irresistable delight, fried Shark meat served with fixings such as: mango, tamarin chutneey, cabbage, veggies, garlic sauce, pepper sauce and more.... Before, I got to the fried items, I had myself a cup of Corn Soup. A delicious medley of vegetables, dumpling and corn in seasoned broth. Myself and a fellow dancer who is Vegetarian  walked up the road in search of fruits. We filled our sacks with SugarApple, Avacado, Coacoa Fruit, and Pineapple only to be met with a heavy rain shower that covered all of the streets of Maracas.

It was adventure enough, but eventually the rain did settled a bit and we were able to make away back across the shoreline where everyone had given into the wetness and headed for the waters. I got what you'd called a double shower....bathing in the seasalt water along with the plats of raindrops falling on my head. I felt like I was in India. The amount of brown-skinned west indians there had me feeling so...

 I guess it's most appropriate when there a filming entitled "Calcutta to the Caribbean" a journey of India to the islands is being featured in the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival which is also apart of the CARIFESTA experience.