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in a Little Town called Wilson

Last, I was in North Carolina....I took the Amtrak train down for 3 hours from Union Station Washington DC and landed on a beautiful day where my Grandmother scooped me up.

Well, I'm back! In a little town called Wilson, where everyone knows each other by last name.
The Zimmerman/Bynum Family Tree line begins here in Wilson and trails down as far as Savannah, Georgia. This year we celebrate the life and prosperity of ongoing generations at the Wilson Recreation Center. Simple, quaint but poppin never the less. The theme for the family reunion is Motown and we always put on a good show.

Following the festivities, my immediate family and I drove a few streets over to the cemetery to visit the original Matriarch of our Family: Addie Hoskins.

Her house is where everyone would go to stay to visit, to collect and create memories, to listen to her tell us how it was....and admire the grand Arboretum. A tree that all of Daniel Street knows her by. We Miss You, but thank God for the years we were able to share in your house, baking biscuits in the kitchen, in the garden on the front porch.

Teens Impersonation of the Supremes

Praise Dance with Aunties & Cousins

Since she left us, the family has moved on from Daniel Street and this year we stayed at the Southern Homestyle accommodations of Wilson Country Inn and Suites. Hands down! The best continental breakfast, I've ever had.

The grits were creamy and salted just right. And the simple fruit, bagels, and breakfast to accommodate it were also served with love. This quaint hotel does well to make you feel like you're at home or visiting family. The staff always greets you with a smile in the hallway and quick to accommodate as needed. The hotel itself is surrounded by other locations including the Holiday Inn, the Sleep Inn, and myriad of restaurants and convenient gas stations. But that doesn't take away from it's personal charm.

It's equipped with a 3-Family sized pool, Gym/Fitness Center and Garden Conference Room.
I think my favorite part about staying the hotel was roaming the hallways. I look forward to smiling helpful faces with Staff who don't hold back when you say--you need something.

King Suite on the 2nd Floor

My sister and I drove down South together which was GREAT time.
We ended up getting an upgrade to have family over to hang out late night.

I love a big bed that I can swim in!  

Common Area, Suite Living Room
Check out my thumbs UP video for this hotel:

Click the link below to book your stay if you find yourself in Wilson, NC.
In fact, Country Inn & Suit is a Radisson Hotel! More locations can be found throughout the U.S.


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