Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Jet Set Go! Preparation

And now the EXCITEMENT Begins!
Whether you went through  Travel Agency, had a friend book your flight or joined a savvy Travel Tribe to make you arrangements the best part is having your booked itinerary in your inbox.
It's like Charlie and his golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory!

Carifesta XVI! Here we come...

You can finally breathe. The hard work and payment plans are done.
Now, it's time to put things into perspective. So lets go over a few Travel Prep tips to get you to your Gate for an Amazing Adventure!

When you know you're about to travel, you want to acquire as little of expenses as possible so that you have more than enough to work with when you're there. Remember there are always unforseen expenses, fees, additions when you travel. So be prepared. One week before travel, you should have acquired all items and have no reason to spend money for anything at all.
Make sure that everything is up-to-date and secured in a place where you can find it. All reservation should be saved, stored or printed out in a place where it can be found and access with ease. Copies are even better. Make sure have a copy of your ID on hand as well your passport number written out. If you're like will make the necessary calls: Travel Insurance *make sure you understand clearly what the terms and stipulations offer to the best of your ability*

Don't forget to call/message your bank and let them know you will be traveling out of the country. Otherwise miscommunication doesn't recognize your activity thereof a new country could read as Fraud/Delinquent Activity or Identity Theft....locking your card or account indefinitely. Decide how much money you'll have on hand and how you may distribute or use funds.
I discuss this in my book...
Be in the Know of the expected weather conditions. Not just for attire but for general awareness. Find out if there are any airborne illnesses, diseases, conditions reported in the neighbor that you're staying either. Make an appointment with your doctor if you're unsure about somethings is a wise move. Refill prescriptions and set them up for the right number of Days.

This will be my first year attending Carifesta! And this year its held in one my next to second homes, Sweet T&T Trinidad and Port of Spain to be exact. A time to embrace the Rich Culture & History, to be carried away with the amazing sounds and tunes of Live Bands and Music. The kids will have a day to perform and feature their specialties as well and course and so much more...

This trip is about sharing my LIVE Experience with you. It's also about making real the connections of American-Caribbean diaspora. We are ONE. Grandparents and Parents who raised up their kids in NYC, Chicago, Lousiana, just to name a few, passed on the strong presence and cultural influences that they carry. In the U.S., we hear, know about and love island music Reggae, Ska, Calypso, Reggaton, Soca, Dancehall, but where is it coming from? I can't wait to sit and listen to the stories of how things came to be when I reach. All week long starting next weekend, I'll be taking you on an experience journey thru the city of Port of Spain.

And of course all things Dance related are on the Agenda.
There are so many performances to choose from. I am interested in seeing/learning more about the Indian Cultural Dances of the Island.

I'll also be accompanying Ballet Creole for their Carifesta XVI debut performance and much more.
Visit their website:
Ballet Creole