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#dcstatehood DON'T MUTE DC!

I spent the day in DC's own--historic Anacostia District in Washington, DC among the rare parts of the city that still retains local Black Culture. It houses a strong presence of black ownership, establishments, education and recreational centers where Black Men coach basketball and mentor Youth, galleries with African inspired sculpture, paintings and fashion design, and of course dining that features Washingtonians favorites including Fried Fish, Chicken with Mambo Sauce and Sweet Tea. Keymone Freeman, WeACTRadio CBC Broadcasting interviewing Andre Glosson & Ty Powell about the 51for51 coalition Here we have a home for Black People and supporters of, who have and want to raise their voices within the community. Whether it be a celebration, recognition of milestones, an open mic in the evenings, or a campaign to rally support for change, WeACTRadio Station is the place to #dosomething The radio station airs talks, the real conversations, about politics, people, cul

Creole, Latin + Caribe, A Traveling Black Woman

This year, 2019. I travel to Sweet T&T amongst the fleet of surrounding islands in the Caribbean for time of celebration, cultural reclamation and exchange of a rich history that makes these countries irresistible. During the course two weeks, attendees would co-mingle, share, discuss, and create one community of people through the arts: music, dance, culinary art, crafts, fashion, film, literature, children expositions and more. News media, comes from all over the world for this experience CarifestaXIV demonstrating its sophistication, growth, expansion, and ability to use the arts to connect even further with one another--tolerating if not accepting the differences between countries all the more. Throughout the day there are activities, workshops and affairs taking place throughout Trinidad give you a reason to become familiarized and learned about the ways of Trinbagoans. As an American, I traveled to CarifestaXIV full of excitement and anticipation to share my experiences back

The Streets of the Caribbean, A Traveling Black Woman

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” -  Ibn Battuta . Trinidad & Tobago really out did themselves with the Design and Set-up of Carifesta XIVp particularly at the Grand Stand in Queens Park. Whether you were entering through the side gates as personnel and staff or to meander through the welcome gate...there was a scenic route and display of color and culture all around. When you first enter in, you are greeted by mock flight attendants in side of the cabin of a plane, upon exiting the archway is there for picture taking with avenue signs name after the representing countries and islands. There is a vintage cobblestone Victorian town accompanied by colorful Cuban style houses with movie scene revolving lights--really making for the fun and magic of this reunion. There was much to see, do, taste and experience. The marketplace carried dishes from Haiti, Guyana, Guadelope and more, taking locals on a sensory trip off shores and pulling

RE-claiming Kulture thru Kreativity with Khali

Every now and then in my travels, I come across a GEM.  While strolling through the Craft Market, Carifesta XIV in Port of Spain Trinidad, I found myself in a spot that stood out from the rest of the trinkets and specialty items displayed on storefront tables. There, I saw premium ostrich leather bags layered with zebra fur patches, colors of Mahogany, Beige and Black firmly stretched and tied along the side of Messenger Satchels, Pouches, Purses, Chairs and even a fully framed piece of Artwork with the story of African capture and enslavement etched into the material hung on the back wall. It was powerful. And I felt honored to experience such quality pieces of work in a casual and intimate settings such as this. I stood at a distance for a moment gazing at the sight and taking it in, recognizing that where I was, was Sacred and Godly. I approached a tall gentleman sitting calmly on a chair hovering over something he was reading and asked him about his work. He pointed to a descr