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New Season. New Ventures.

Hey Everyone!

There is a first time for everything. After all of these years traveling and living in major cities throughout the U.S. I'd yet to touch down into Texas....until now!
(left) Thasunda Duckett, CEO of Consumer Banking JPMorgan Chase
 (right) Kayla Harley

Big Texas. The home of cowboy boot wearing citizens all-year around, amazing BBQ pit, music, bullfighting, culture and of course the people. I grew up with a Mom who was a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, so I am all too familiar with the hype. Everyone that I've ever known to be from there is Proud to be who they are and where they are From and so, I'm looking forward to being a part of some charged positive energy. In, fact this trip is turning out to be just that....about the people.

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I have the honor and privilege to sit in the room amongst Black Affluence, Influence and History Makers who have dedicated their lives to making the future of our next generation that much brighter, prepared and empowered for success. From the moment, I came into contact with Thasunda Duckett, there was a gust of Wind that took over the place--it was her Energy and her light. When enters a room, she fills it with her presence. And it is so inviting, genuinely.

She gave me the opportunity to speak on behalf of myself, my accomplishments and accolades. I was very shy to do so. I am often find myself in a space of uncomfortability when it comes to speaking my truth because it isn't everyone that has ears to actually hear you or receive your Heart. And the heart is fragile, although the mind may be strong. Either way....Thasunda was inviting, to us all.


 She encouraged us to be owners of our character and to be humble, yet BOLD enough share what it is that makes us who we Are. And be proud of it. It is refreshing to be in the midst of a Michelle Obama like spirit. One that can turn the professionalism on and get the job done but then also have a down-to-earth conversation with Family and Friends, pulling in any and everyone who exudes excellence within the Black Community...there is room for us ALL.

I had an endearing time the rest of the evening. Please enjoy the photos and visit the website to learn more about the Extraordinary Is Social Campaign for Education 2019. There you may opt to donate to their scholarship and/or become involved in any way!

Entertainment Tonight Host, Kevin Frazier (right)

Let's talk about my LUXURIOUS Stay at the Arlington, TX LIVE! Hotel.
I was very please and impressed upon entering my hotel room. My view overlooked miles at a distance, a concert hall and restaurant bar area a few stories below. There was a GIANT Projection Screen in the lobby airing football for all the sports fans--it could easily entertain 80+ people. Massive.

My bed--a KING Size was dangerously comfortable. The room itself fit all my needs as I like to unpack and fold my clothes in the drawer even if I'm just staying for 2 days or so.

And there was plenty of walk room and space for me to mosey around and chose my activity: consisting of SHOWER, SLEEP or WORK. And occasionally take random Instgram pictures to share with You!

I Love a Day Bed. There was one there for me. So I went live on the morning of check-out enjoying the sunrise. The staff was overly accommodating. Not only were they there to assist with my needs, answer questions about whereabouts in the hotel but they went over and beyond. One young lady actually researched a mobile massage service for the hotel with her BlackGirlMAGIC Instagram skills. Another front desk attendant steamed my Gala dress for me charge and delivered it to my room. There was a SUPER convenient text messaging service they allowed for me to ask questions anytime of the day and night with a 5 minutes or less response time. There were taxis and uber/lyfts lined up outside of the front door of the hotel ready to take us on our exploits.

The hotel was located conveniently a few blocks away from downtown shoppes and about a 10 minutes drive from the nearby mall. After it was all said and done--it was my delicious big chop Kale Salad with Grilled Salmon Avocado & Goat Cheese
that remained in my memory the most. Job Well Done Chefs!

Big UPS to Texas. I will be Back.