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Phuket, Thailand - A Beginners Delight

These are just a few photo memories to share with you from my Travel Experience!
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I've been traveling for 2.5 days to reach Asia--Phuket, Thailand to be exact. I've had thus far 2 full days of sightseeing, delicious seafood dishes and fellowship with an Amazing group of people. The peace that hovers over and moves around this place is almost unreal and yet, seems just the way that Southeast Asia always would be:

Nature Loved &
the everyday people of Thailand.

I've been excited and anticipating this trip since I was a little girl. There has been something so special, unique and intriguing about Asian culture that I've always clung to. I am staying at the Serene Pullman Phuket Arcadia Beach Resort Hotel which is far north from Phuket Town, Patong, Kamala, Karon and other popular areas. The peace that it brings and the minimalist art, architecture, design and feng shui that it has is unmatched and is certainly worth the distance.
C-Bar, Lounge Area Pullman Arcadia Beach Resort

Art Gallery, Near the Dhatri Spa 

My first time staying in a resort, it's essentially an Adult Playground. Clear open walk ways, dim lighting and in-truing options, a wellness and spa center, activities and a 5-star Hospitality experience that makes you want to stay for months in a at a time. The rooms and villas are located uphill and in the jungle where you can hear the birds, sound of rain falling and enjoy the view of a private Beach scene for miles at a distance.

Phuket, Thailand is a rural tip of the country where the locals are welcoming and hospitable. There isn't one instance that I've heard or sensed any unhappiness, anger or frustration on their faces....always a big SMILE with a greeting. 

My grandmother, who served as an in-hospice care nurse for many years has taught me not only how to care for people but how to acknowledge the Spirit of God that lives within us all, even if there are differences. Religion, does not deter me from the heart of a person. I am fully aware, that Buddhism in the choice religion in the land.

As a fervent Christian Woman--I admire the humility, meekness and open mindedness of these people without having to subscribe to a state of Worship or by taking on their ideology in order to connect. These are simple just, everyday hard working brown people living and loving life. This brings me great joy and pleasure. For I know, that my Ancestors would have only dreamed of freedom and beauty in this way. And indeed there are some Beautiful places.

For me--nature girl. I feel as if the trees alone are sacred monuments. Which they are--but how expressive and impressive the branches sit, twist bend and lean as with greenery and flowers draping from its bodice.
I breathe in.
I breathe out.

Today, I did visit Chalong Temple proper. I admired at most, the design and architecture of the building. I tread softly and observed the people in the way that here in Thailand, Buddhist pray. I had seen a documentary about "The Buddah" or "Sudartha" before and understood the story to be about this once very Rich Young Man who became an enlighten one after receiving a revelation while sitting beneath the Bohdi tree. Today, this figure is a teacher, guide and symbolic sage figure whose life is revered and emulated by people....all thoughout Asia. Deeply moved by the detail and charisma of these stories, sculpted figures dipped or painted in gold, I noticed that everything was made in twos. (YIN/YAN) = the Supreme Balance of Life.

I've been led to create. So, I have danced and have been dancing ever since I arrived. Movement speaks for me, an I am propelled to move in a way that no where else I have the inspiration to. Here, I immediately became a Dragon Slaying Warrior Princess who pierces her sword through the darkness. I feel at ease, relaxed and in a state of Healing & Completion when I do this---each time praying that maybe this one.....or maybe this time.....or this time for sure....that I will have a DIVINE encounter and reach and seeking heal from Chronic Pain in my Face and Neck area.

Meanwhile, New Years is on my MIND!!!! 2020.
I am blessed to met wonderful people from Beijing China and London who just might be showing us around. I am hoping from Karaoke. I say, that if Thai people love music the way that Filipinos do....we are absolutely--IN.

I bought a traditional Thai garment, a dual skirt for myself and authentic fabric for my big sister.

I think on back to home and am so grateful to know that a Dance Company I set for performance hire will  be again taking the stage on the night of Kuumba Creativity Kwanzaa Celebration with Substantial Art & Music/Creative Suitland.
Thank You Lord, for guiding me this far--for your trust in me to keep to the path while every now and then, I can skip off to smell the roses. Enjoying this God Given planet, called Earth.


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